We all know about the importance of good health. In order for us to know and understand what goes on in our bodies as well as how our mind and heart functions, it is important to keep up with the different ways in which we can take better care of ourselves. Being physically well, as well as emotionally healthy, is of prime importance not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. All of us come from a family and most of us take care of our family in the best way possible. This can only be achieved if we are aware of what really goes on inside us as well as how our emotions play an important part to staying well and maintaining a healthy life style.

We at the Health Care Ministry provide educational as well as practical talks for our parishioners, among other services, in order to help each person create a productive, healthy and fulfilling life style. Our second talk for this year was on STRESS: A Journey to Emotional Wellness. Each and every person undergoes stress in many different ways. The talk zeroed in on the How to understand stress. What are the factors in our life that contribute to stress? What are the different types of stress/stressors? How can we cope and what life skills can we practice in order to deal effectively with stress in order to provide not only physical but also emotional balance and well-being?

Our speaker Ms. Milagros R. Reyes, PhD. is a licensed Psychological Counselor in areas of Marriage and Family, Addictions After Care, Co-dependency, Stress Management, Career Counseling, Job Consultant, etc. She is also a certified training facilitator for the Central Bank of the Philippines since 2005 and a certified consultant trainer in Human Organizational Development for Inter Care Health Care Services since 1997 as well as other civic and church organizations, local and multinational businesses.