PGH Gift Giving

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Last April 07, 2015, The Hospital Ministry gave away toys, clothes and food to the patients in the Pediatric Wards of the Philippine General Hospital. The said toys, clothes and food were given by generous donors through the SSAP Hospital Ministry. Big smiles on children faces when given toys bringing some comfort from the physical illnesses they are undergoing. Likewise, the presence of PGH ministry volunteers and food given to parents brought some relief and consolation. Present were PGH ministry members: Peter Soo, Pon Chan, Tess Barcelon, SSAP FML Karen Blanco, PPC President Jayme Blanco, SSAP Social Worker NimfaDumago and other volunteers.

The hospital ministry helps patients in the pediatric wards of the Philippine General Hospital by providing basic medications like anti –biotics and paracetamol to patients who cannot afford otherwise. Everyone is invited to join the outreach activities in the PGH Ministry.The same, we humbly continue to knock on your doors for donations for the continuity of the outreach activities of the parish. For inquiries, please visit the parish office and look for Ms. NimfaDumago, SSAP Social Worker or call at 843-8832.