29TH SINGLE YOUNG ADULTS (SYA) WEEKEND – “My SYA Faith Journey” By Earl Leonard Sebastian

I come from what society would describe as a close-knit, traditional and conservative Filipino-Chinese family. As practicing Catholics, my family regularly attended Mass, simbang-gabi and performed other Catholic obligations. I was also an altar server in our parish and I often prayed novenas. Yet, while most of my batchmates, relatives and friends had earned respected titles within their companies, I felt lost despite having my own Masters degree, an accreditation as a Certified Professional Marketer, a radio show host, writer and voice artist.I have already accomplished a lot and yet I still felt unfulfilled.I was at a point in my life where I was at a crossroads, juggling different things and trying to find my role in life. I was having a quarter-life crisis where I felt that things were not going the way I expected them to – financially, with my career and relationships. It was all piling up.

Things all changed when one day some friends invited me to join a retreat for single and young professionals in San Antonio. My first reaction was that the participants were probably all from rich and powerful families, how they would accept me? I was the type of person who was often found in the corner of the room afraid of conversing with everyone. How would I fit in? But I decided to take the chance and join anyway. Having just come from work, I was warmly welcomed by the alumni of the community and also met my new batchmates. They were friendly and kind. All throughout the weekend, after listening to the talks and interacting with my batchmates, it gave me this one of a kind feeling which was really so hard to understand. I finally understood what my journey was all about. Everyone had his or her journey in life, a cross to carry. Everyone accepted each other, no judgments, no prejudice.

After the retreat, I realized that I was able to find my Faith Family, my prayer warriors. They accepted me wholeheartedly and I know that they will always be there during my moments of happiness and grief. The biggest calling in my faith journey was when I was given a chance to serve my faith community as a team member and facilitator for the 26thSYA Weekend. Just like how the team inspired me and changed my perspectives when I joined, I am happy that I was able to meet thirty strangers and somehow become a part of their lives and inspire them by sharing my own faith journey.

The 29th Single Young Adults Weekend will be from March 13-15, 2015 (Friday evening to Sunday) at the 2nd floor of the Santuario de San Antonio Parish Center. Registration Fee is P1,500. Informational brochures and sign-up sheets are available at the Parish Office. You may also contact Jonathan at 09178367374 or jona.dcruz@gmail.com or Helene at 09178038808 or heleneuy@gmail.com for more information.