Hospital Ministry PGH Christmas Gift Giving by Sabrina Soriano

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The Hospital Ministry has been partnering with PGH for more than 20 years, giving out medication and medical supplies on a regular basis to the patients of the pediatrics wards. One of our major activities is the annual Christmas Gift Giving, something that Mrs. Inday Canoy has been in charge of for years now.

Every year, Mrs. Canoy purchases items to include in the goodie bags for the patients, things that the patients and parents will appreciate and greatly need. This includes canned goods, noodles, toiletries, among many others. We also have a lot of parishioners who donate in cash and in kind regularly for this activity.

This year, the gift giving had to be rescheduled to December 12, as the original date was set during Typhoon Ruby’s arrival in Manila. It was still  overcast that day but it was good enough weather to go to PGH and bring our Christmas goodies for them.

Aside from the Hospital Ministry, represented by Inday Canoy, Florina Chan, Peter Soo, Sabrina Soriano, and our social worker, Nimfa Dumago, we were joined by Tess Barcelon and Fritz Carino, regular participants of our gift giving, and Jaime Blanco, our PPC President.

We also had the volunteers from the Mulawin community, who helped with the packages and provided our entertainment and live singing during the gift giving.

We gave out 170 goodie bags to 100 patients/parents, students,
maintenance crew, guards, nurses, and volunteers of PGH. They were highly appreciative of the help and goods that were given to them.

Though these are only enough to tide them over for a few weeks at most, what they are most thankful for is the fact that they are not forgotten and that there are people who are willing to help them.

With their situation in life, it is nice for them to be able to feel that those who are more blessed than them materially are sharing their blessings and time with them.

We would like to thank the following for their donations that helped make this Christmas gift giving a success:

Doris See (diapers, chocolate snacks, juice in tetrapack, loofah), Letty Tan-Chua (sacks of rice, pack lunches, juice in tetrapack), Florina Chan (slippers), Tess Barcelon and Jinx Carino (juice), Mike Limpe, Chris Tordesillas, Margarita Perez, Trina Jeturian, and Evelyn Tagle (assorted toys), Mariana Ongpin (assorted stuffed toys), and Leslie Tagle-Dinglasan (assorted clothing).

All this and the entire year of giving medication and medical supplies to the patients would not be possible if not for the generosity of our parishioners.

We give you our thanks for always supporting the Hospital Ministry with your time, donations, and prayers. If you would like to know more on how you can help or donate to the Hospital Ministry, please contact Nimfa Dumago at 8438830 or drop by the parish office.