Health Care Ministry Gives to Rizal Medical Center by Chuchi Quevedo

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Despite the announcement that no classes and no government offices would open due to Typhoon Ruby, the Health Care Ministry members did not mind getting a little wet last Dec. 9. Accompanied by their spiritual adviser Fr. Jesus Galindo, OFM, they went ahead with their plan to distribute 150 ecobags to the Pedia Ward, Medicine, Surgery, and certain rooms of OB-Gyne Ward, at the Rizal Medical Center.

As in the past years, they pooled their resources and asked Elisa Manaloto to buy toiletries from Divisoria. They also included in their gift bags, Ovaltine, Bread Pan, choco bars, apples and a religious calendar.

The patients were all smiles upon seeing them don their Santa hats as they distributed the gifts. Fr. Jesus offered to bless a baby with hydrocephalus. Thanks also to Barbie Young for having lent her van and driver the whole morning.