To Serve Or Not To Serve By : Jonathan Huang

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I sometimes get asked by people why I became an altar server at my parish or why do I serve at mass? Some would even tease me that I could be doing something else that was fun instead of serving. And to be honest, I never really used to give it much thought. I guess you can say I just found myself serving at mass 4 years ago. How did this happen? Because my older brother was already an altar server at SSAP. So right after my first communion, I found myself serving with him and my dad, who’s a Eucharistic Minister as well.

It was only when the Altar Server Ministry of SSAP was formally formed with my dad as its Ministry Head that I started reflecting on my reasons for serving at mass. For one, I invited my best friend to join the ministry. And it felt really good to be doing something with my best friend that was meaningful. During the orientation, my brother quoted Pope Benedict XVI when he spoke to the new members : “When you’re close to the altar, you’re close to God”. That’s when I started thinking that by serving, I was also getting closer to God and showing my love for him. I realized all of a sudden the true meaning of what we get told during religion class : that God truly loved us so much that He had given us His only son, Jesus, who in turn, gave up his life so that all of us will be saved. And serving at mass is therefore my way of saying “Thank you” to God.

Our ministry is slowly starting to grow with more young girls and boys signing up to serve at mass. It’s actually fun being able to teach them and eventually seeing them serve on their own. My brother once told me that one day they’ll also be teaching other kids to serve and in fact, some have already brought in their siblings and showing them how to serve. I’m really happy to be a part of this and I’m hoping God is happy, too.

So now, if someone were to ask me whether “to serve or not to serve”, my answer would definitely be a loud YES to serve!

For those interested to be an Altar Server, pls. email