St. Francis of Assisi Celebrated By Edmund Lim

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In celebration of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the SSAP community organized Triduum masses from Oct. 1-3, blessing of pets on Oct. 4 and the praying of the Franciscan Crown Rosary at the main church.

The Franciscan Crown (or Seraphic Rosary) dates back to the year 1422. A young novice in the Franciscan Order who previously was accustomed to expressing his devotion to the Blessed Virgin by adorning her statue with a wreath of fresh flowers was prevented from continuing this practice in the novitiate. This caused him so much distress that he considered leaving the Order.

The Blessed Virgin Mary then appeared to him instructing him to recite a Rosary of seven decades in honor of her seven joys allowing him to weave a “crown” more pleasing to her than flowers on her statue. From that time on the practice of the “crown of the seven joys” became a custom in the Order. The Crown recalls the seven joys of Mary and how she responded to the grace of God in her life. This beautiful prayer signifies the unity of our parish by praying together.

The parish community then joined in a salu-salo dinner at the parish center where ministry members contributed their culinary specialties while being serenaded by the SSAP Antioch Youth Group. It was a lively dinner where everyone broke bread and celebrated together in a family atmosphere.

Special thanks to Dee Jalandoni-Chan, chairperson of the Lectors and Commentators Ministry; Zari Poe, co-chairperson of the Altar Environment Ministry & core groups leader of CWL and Tina Teehankee, PPC secretary & chairperson of OFS.