Santuario de San Antonio Parish Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Ministry – JPIC Scholarship Program (SY 2014 -2015)


of the SSAP Parish Foundation, Inc.,
to indigent youth in order to develop them into
responsible CHRISTIAN FILIPINO CITIZENS (Kristianonong Mamamayan).

To contribute to the training of indigent young Filipino men and women and
to provide them with technical skills to become economically self-reliant
so that they can LIVE and WORK with DIGNITY in society,
with JESUS CHRIST as their MODEL and as the CENTER of their lives.

JUSTICE, PEACE and the INTEGRITY OF CREATION (JPIC) are truly FRANCISCAN values and help to keep the program focused and grounded – truly apropos for our Parish’s Outreach Programs, formerly called Social Services.

PRAYER – We start and end our meetings and get-togethers with a Prayer, led by one of our scholars or Committee members. The development of our scholars’ spiritual lives are a primary focus. A collateral benefit is that our spirituality grows alongside theirs.

We are grateful for the support of our Parish Priests who support the Program and who act as the Program’s
Spiritual Adviser, provides the presence of a Religious and gives inspirational talks on the Ten Commandments, the Eucharistic Celebration, The Holy Rosary, Advent, Lent, Easter etc. As Fr. Reu reminded us, we are a parish that shares and cares, because we pray together.

God’s grace inspired the inception of the JPIC SCHOlarship Program during the 1996 FrancisFest when then Parish Priest suggested that a Scholarship Program be established in order to help children of marginalized families. Our thanks to him, and the succeeding parish priests who supported and continue to support this Program, and to the Scholarship Committee who set up and proceeded to provide scholarships for the initial twelve scholars. Some of the founding members continue as members of the current working Committee. A common denominator shared by all volunteer members is a commitment to keep this Program as beneficial as possible to its scholars, while maintaining a responsible accountability to its sponsors and benefactors.

Assistance with Tuition – Academic and Vocational/Technical Training, Food and Transportation Allowances
and most importantly, the Spiritual Moral/Values Formation of our JPIC Scholars.
Theme: Kristianiong Mamamayan! One of our Committee members conducts a workshop on how to be a better Christian citizen
 at home, in school, at work, in their parish, in their community / our country.
 Maka- Diyos, Maka-Tao, Maka-Bayan.

Good young men and women, strongly motivated, open and joyful in spite of the many challenges in their lives. Many are driven so they can help their aging parents and their younger siblings finish school. During our kick-off activity, the Orientation, we meet their parents – decent and responsible persons who work hard to keep their children in school and off the streets. Unfortunately, some are sick or ailing, while many families may have lost their father or mother at an early age to sickness, or miss them during their overseas employment. Many have limited means to continue further studies or finish, and therefore will have difficulty finding jobs and establish a life-long profession.

We strive to help provide a Career path – not merely jobs — with a strong Christian work ethic, and try to provide a shift from hand-to-mouth existence to a more secure, stable and balanced life. Our scholar graduates enter the work force with heads held up high with dignity and are encouraged and urged to strive to be the best!
We remind our scholars that the blessings should not stop with them and their immediate families.
They are urged to share whatever knowledge and positive experiences they have learned with others, thus creating a far-reaching ripple effect.

Don Bosco Technical Training Institute, Makati; Punlaan School, San Juan; Maligaya Institute for Culinary Arts and Residential Services, Manila; Monark Institute and Foundation, Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Assumpta Technical High School, San Simon, Pampanga (Mother Rosa Memorial Foundation) ; and the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila and Cavite.

1) Vocational / Technical Programs:

For men: Fitter Machinists / Ship Mechanics, Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronic Technology, Automotive – Light and Heavy Equipment

For women: Industrial Technology, Food and Beverage Preparation/Dual Technology Course,
Culinary Courses (Hot and Cold Kitchen), Caregiving, Medical Transcription

2) College: For men and women: usually 3rd or 4th year College – Highly recommended are service-oriented courses such as Education, Social Service, Accountancy, Law, Nursing, Engineering. Occasionally, exceptions are made to accept exceptional scholars in the first year of college provided there are sponsors.

• Last Monday Monthly Planning Meetings
• 1st and 3rd Saturday Monthly Meetings with JPIC Scholars,
• Twice a Month English Tutorials with our JPIC SCHOlarship Committee Teacher-Mentors — Excellent Mentoring and Tutorials to improve their skills and proficiency in the English language which will give them more confidence and an edge as they seek job placements and move up the career ladder.
• Seminars and Workshops on Kristianong Mamamayan, Time Management, Financial Management, Goals, Commitment, Perseverance, Good Conduct, Courtesy and Good Manners, proper Dress Code,
Health and Hygiene, Good Work Ethics, How to write a Resume and apply for a Job, Care and Love for the Environment – tied in to ECOlogy and the Integrity of Creation.
• Monthly Parish Involvement (8-10 hours per school year) are volunteered by our JPIC Scholars to give them a sense of giving back and to discourage a mendicant attitude.
• Annual Recollection in November, Christmas Party in December, Graduation Picnic in February.
• Continuing Newspaper Drive (Please drop off newspapers, cartons – Container Van in the Parking Lot to the right side of the Adoration Chapel).
• Matched Contribution Grant – Family Counterparts
• Application Period, Interviews with Applicants, Deliberation meetings to finalize List of accepted Scholars for the coming school year.
• Pre-Orientation with Incoming JPIC SCHOlars
• Orientation with JPIC SCHOlars, their Parent or Guardian and Partner School Representatives,
Signing of Kasunduan.

We are most appreciative of the Single Young Adults (SYA) partnering with us – in particular for conducting the 3rd Saturday Monthly Catechism sessions, JPIC SCHOlars’ Annual Recollection and helping with the JPIC SCHOlars’ Christmas Party.

Our JPIC Socio-Pastoral Worker (a licensed Social Worker) monitors our scholars on a weekly basis in school while distributing weekly allowances based on their attendance and during 1st and 3rd Saturday meetings in the Parish. Acts as the Liaison between the Committee, Partner schools and scholars.


We are most grateful to the SSAP Foundation Inc. and to the Parish for the annual allocation of Php1.2MM which covers approximately 30 scholars enrolled in Vocational/Technical courses and 2 College scholars in their last year of College.

School Year 2014-2015: 53 scholars. Last School Year 2013-2014: 83 scholars.

The cost for each Vocational/Technical scholar per School Year (SY) is approximately Php45,000.00. College expenses vary depending on the tuition. The assistance our Program gives goes a long, long way — Tuition assistance, a minimal food allowance to ensure they have a hot meal during the day, and a transportation allowance that will hopefully help minimize dropping out due to lack of funds to get to and from school from the distant places where many of them live.


And so it is this helping hand that allows our young men and women move a step up, and their families with them. Their future is now filled with hope.

While the material assistance is crucial, Spiritual Moral/Values Formation is a focus. Personal interaction with the scholars is equally important. We hear from our scholars how time spent with them during our Cluster groupings mean so much to them. We have been told, that just by listening to them, we help them find their
voices and give them the affirmation that allows them to improve their lives because they know that other people, aside from their immediate families, believe in them, care for them, and want to see them succeed.

Our lives have been touched and we and our families are truly blessed! As our involvement with our Ministry fills our lives with much fulfillment and hopefully allows us to be better Christians, we accompany our scholars in prayer and in their life’s journey.


Our deepest thanks to our parish and benefactors for their untiring generosity.

God’s grace inspires a parish community that is so abundantly blessed in human and material resources to extend a helping hand to our less-privileged sisters and brothers, touching and transforming their lives.

God’s grace has allowed our program to grow over the years – in terms of what we have to offer to our scholars, the number of beneficiaries, volunteer members of the JPIC SCHOlarship Program Committee, guest resource persons and the growing number of regular and generous sponsors and donors.

JOIN the JPIC – SCHOlarship Ministry!
Your involvement is appreciated – time, talent, resources, suggestions.

Please SUPPORT our scholars – partial or full scholarships are accepted.
Your contributions are welcome all year round. No amount is too big or too small.

Please continue to pray for the JPIC SCHOlarship Program that we love so much and for our JPIC scholars, past, present and future.

We implore the Lord’s continuing grace to allow the JPIC SCHOlarship Program to continue for many years to come, centered in Christ, always moving forward in a positive manner.

May our Blessed Mother continue to guide us to do what is best for the Program and for our scholars.

May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire our Parish to do what it does so well — help, reach out and transform lives!

ONE Faith, ONE Parish, ONE Family!
JPIC SCHOlarship Program Committee (9.2014) / Mariza V. del Rosario / Menchu O. Bautista

*** For more information, please call JPIC Socio-Pastoral Worker Ms. Jackie – SSAP Office 843-8830.