CCD Teachers
CCD (Continuing Catholic Development), the Catechism Ministry of the Parish of Santuario de San Antonio, resumed classes for its 2014 -2015 school year last Wednesday, August 27. To set the pace and to help them prepare for and meet the challenges ahead, the CCD teachers held their annual workshop last Saturday, August 23.

As one of the most successful teachers’ workshops yet in terms of participation and attendance, this year’s Workshop was opened by Father Reu Jose C. Galoy, OFM, Parish Priest and CCD’s Spiritual Advisor. In his Invocation, Father Reu prayed for blessings on the service of teaching; and he reminded the volunteer teachers and committee members “that their work is part of Jesus’ mission.”

For the fifth consecutive year, the Workshop Facilitator was Mrs. Rita Atienza, Faculty Member of the Loyola Schools’ Education Department, Ateneo de Manila University. Mrs. Atienza was assisted by Mrs. Elizabeth Virata and Ms. Yolanda Lomotan, of the CCD Curriculum Committee.

Mrs. Virata noted that “we have several new members to our ministry, which is an encouraging indication that our CCD Ministry is strong.” And because of the new teachers and new members on the committee, it was decided that the 2014 Workshop be a refresher on “Understanding by Design” and on “Instructional Strategies”. She added that those who had attended previous UbD workshops, “will attest to how much ‘Understanding by Design’ practically overturned our approach to teaching and how the 2010 Workshop honed our skills and strategies in teaching.”

The CCD Faculty Section has been very privileged and fortunate in the teachings and instructions given by Mrs. Atienza at their annual workshops, on “Understanding by Design” –
2010: How do I design effective lesson plans? (Understanding by Design – UbD)
2011: How do I meet the needs of my students? (Differentiated Instruction)
2012: What are our non-negotiables when we teach? (Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum)
2013: Are my students learning? (Assessment)

The 2014 Workshop, on Refresher and Reviews of the subjects of the last four workshops, had sessions on effective lesson planning, differentiated instruction, a guaranteed and viable curriculum and on students’ assessment. It focused on teaching primarily to make a MEANINGFUL UNDERSTANDING and a significant TRANSFER of knowledge to students. The afternoon session included the screening of a video on how to compile a proper lesson plan and how to execute the plan. Another session stressed the importance of ensuring that one’s students are THINKERS, and how not to rob them of the challenge and the struggle to think for themselves. And in this, the students will need TIME to absorb, to analyze and to think so that they can make meaning of the questions asked and answer in their own way.

After an open discussion and an exchange of ideas and suggestions, and after a round of applause for Mrs Atienza, the Workshop closed at 4.00pm, with the teachers leaving happy in the certain knowledge that they had spent a meaningful and an enjoyable day together; and armed with teaching plans for the spiritual and religious formation of the students who will be in their care for the next twelve months.