The Homily

The Homily of the Most Rev. Deogracias Iniguez, DD, Bishop Emeritus of Caloocan during the Rite of Dedication of Our Lady of the Angels of Porziuncula Chapel:

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“ The dedication of this chapel is significant as every year it will become a part of this Christian community. It is a solemnity every year of the dedication of Our Lady of the Angels of Porziuncula. This is a place where the proclamation of God’s word is made, where the Eucharist will be celebrated. This is a significant place of our worship. The structure of the material church is a very important symbol of the living church, of the community of faith. It is a symbol of the living stones together with Jesus Christ the living stone. This communion with God takes place in the church, when we accept Jesus as our savior. The church is us. The sprinkling of holy water not only on the material church but on the people and the anointing of chrism done on the altar and the walls of the structure and on us also – baptism is confirmed, the sending of the Holy Spirit. Sacraments left to us by Jesus. We celebrate the Eucharist here. It is the greatest expression of our unity and bond with Jesus and wit one another. We the people of God, the living church, are called to be aware of our special place in the saving love of God. This is God’s gift to us.”