CWL Will Always Remember You, Fr. Joel! by C. Quesada

Last April 5th the Catholic Women’s League gave Fr. Joel Sulse a despedida luncheon. He will soon leave for Rome for further studies.

We find it hard to say good bye to someone like Fr. Joel because we have grown very fond of him. He always has a smile for those he meets. You will never see him angry. He is approachable and makes time for you

Our CWL scholars simply love him. They love his teachings because somehow Fr. Joel touches their lives. One scholar shared how abandoned he felt when his father left the family. Fr. Joel told him that he knows how he feels because the father of his nephews also left the family and he took the role of the father.

The scholars honored Fr. Joel with songs, dances, poems and cards, Truly Fr. Joel will always be remembered.7

Diane C. Pangilinan, a college scholar of Catholic Women’s League Santuario de San Antonio Parish, drew the image of Fr. Joel Sulse in behalf of all the CWL Scholars, as a tribute for Father Joel as he leaves the parish.

Diane says, “We believe that it is not enough to show how much Father Joel has shared himself among us. We are all very blessed to experience his love and compassion as our spiritual father.”

Well done, Diane!