Farewell, Fr. Joel . . .from SSAP Parish Pastoral Council

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It seems only yesterday when you started out as Parish Priest and Spiritual Assistant. How time flies. On behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our Guardian Angel these past years.

Thank you for opening doors for us, having the mutual desire to share God’s love. As Pastor, you have given us much more than thought and skill.

A compelling Pastor, yet one of us:
Never the boss, yet controlling the flow: kind, free and caring, groovy and wise.

Thank you for all that you have done. How much love resides therein! The pastoral care you have been can never be measured. Heads above the rest in mind and heart.

The Parish Pastoral Council officers and members with the parishioners share your dream of working together as a team.

Your openness to help endears you to us. On leaving your care, we must look back to grow. Upon these memories we lay our farewell to you.

God bless you more Fr. Joel. . .
We love you.