Deepening Spirituality through Prayer, Sacrament and Service

The Family Life Ministry of Santuario de San Antonio organized a half-day Lenten recollection, which was held last Saturday, March 8, at the Parish Center. Its theme was on “Deepening Spirituality through Prayer, Sacrament and Service.” It was facilitated by Fr. Roberto Buenconsejo, SJ, Assistant Director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Members of different parish committees, parishioners, as well as some parents and teachers of CCD students attended this activity.

Helping us go through this season of Lent, Fr. Buenconsejo guided us through reflection to recognize God’s presence in our situation in this modern world where we can easily go about our daily routine, live through great problems and maybe forget or question God’s presence in our lives.

There is a form of spirituality that would work for each one of us. Be it as in the Middle Ages – when the pious “left” behind the world to find their way towards God. There is also another spirituality that meant recognizing God and His goodness in the small details of our everyday life – a blooming flower, a beggar on the street, children, nature, etc.

Every year the season of Lent gives us the chance to step back and evaluate our relationship with God and set ourselves back on the right track through prayer, reflection and atonement. How do we make God part of our life? A few minutes several times throughout the day would certainly add up and count for God. Pause in the early morning for 15 minutes in gratitude for a good night’s rest, think of what lies ahead for the day and seek God’s guidance, pause again at noon in gratitude and awareness of God’s presence, and another 15 minutes before bedtime to end the day with God.

Before ending the recollection with the holy Mass, Fr. Buenconsejo reminded us of the feast that comes from fasting, as we recognize the goodness of restraining ourselves from even small acts of ease and comfort. This could be “to fast from complaining” to be able “to feast on appreciation” or “to fast from judging others” and instead “feast on the Christ within them.” For many of us, who are in a secular situation, and in our own way, to offer up the small inconveniences and recognizing the good that could be drawn from them can help us live this Lenten season closer to God. May all of us be blessed this Lent!

Fasting and Feasting