“A Newbie In The Lecom Ministry” By Marie Austin C. Tycangco

Lectorship and Commentating is nothing new to me as I’ve read for Mass even when I was in school, but it is only now that I realize that being part of this committee entails a lot of responsibility.
Last January 18, I attended the Basic Formation Seminar at the Arzobispado de Manila Chapel in Intramuros, together with other future members of the LeCom ministry.

After the seminar, I can now say that I have more respect and admiration for lectors and commentators. It is no longer just about reading in front of the community, but rather delivering God’s message to the parishioners, loud and clear, in and out of the Church. All of a sudden it becomes a mission.

During the seminar, the priest said that by being lectors and commentators, we somehow become public figures. People will start recognizing us, which means that whatever we do outside the House of God will somehow be magnified and could have an impact on other people without us knowing. I think that this new role brings about positive pressure on me to become a better person inside, out.

With this in mind, I am now ready to embark in my mission to serve. I think this year, 2014, which has been named as the Year of the Laity, with the primary thrust to evangelize, is the perfect timing for me to be called to bring more people closer to the Church.

MarieMarie has been a member of the Single Young Adults since 2012. She enjoys traveling, trying out new restaurants, and playing sports like badminton and boxing.