Parishioner Gifts Scholars with Bibles

Bible for Scholars
In line with its goals to provide educational and spiritual formation; the SSAP JPIC Scholarship Program scheduled its Annual Recollection for its 83 scholars on November 16 – November 17, 2013, at the Franciscan Spirituality Center, Botolan, Zambales. The recollection was facilitated by Jolly Gomez and the Youth Ministry focused on meaningful prayer worship through “Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication” (ACTS) and “Praise, Ask, Listen” (PAL).

Atty. Gomez had recommended that each scholar be given a bible for scripture reading. The Committee, through Ms. Jackie, verified the posts of reasonably-priced bibles from several bookstores. This way a donation appeal for bibles could be published in the Parish Bulletin. It is through Divine Providence that a parishioner had heard of the scholars’ need for bibles. Through her benevolence never-tiring generosity to the JPIC Scholars, each scholar received an 8 by 5 inches bible in the vernacular purchased at the Philippine Bible Society along U.N. Avenue.

The SSAP JPIC scholars would like to thank our most kind parishioner for this memorable gift to mark a special event in their lives.

SSAP JPIC Scholarship Committee/Jean Chavez