SYA PGH SNK School End of Year Celebration by Sabrina Soriano

With the school year just ended, SYA planned and organized an end of year celebration for the PGH Silahis ng Kalusugan elementary and high school students. This was attended by the students, their parents, the teachers, and volunteers from church and SYA.

For most of us, one year is just a wink in our lives, something we take for granted, especially when we get bogged down by career, relationship and financial problems. For these students, one year in their lives means so much! With all of them with health / medical ailments, most of them congenital diseases, one year means another year where they have battled their conditions successfully. Being in the Silahis ng Kalusugan School in PGH allows them to have the support that they need – physically (in terms of the readily available medical services in the hospital) but most especially, emotionally through the support that they get from their classmates and the parents who are in the same position as themselves.

This party was a celebration of their lives – a year full of successes in being a survivor and still being able to study and attain achievements in school.

Congratulations are in order to Ryza, Cheycel and Josan, high school graduates, who are now embarking on a new journey in their lives. Good luck in whatever endeavor or course you undertake! You have all gone through so much already and have succeeded with smiles on your faces and a positive outlook in life. We know that with your strong hearts and minds, you will be winners in whatever goal you strive for.