“Resurrection: Heart of Faith”, John 20:1-9, by Fr. Joel

The closer we are-to Jesus, the more we can be assured of the resurrection in the afterlife that we will all experience.

The Resurrection of Jesus is an event prefigured by himself in the many subtle encounters in the gospels. The apex of which happened after His unbearable suffering and cruel death. How can people do this to a man whose desire is to give life? Still this is the enigma that was left of the drama that transpired but in the very end,
redemption had it all!

Mary Magdalene
She was the first one to discover the empty tomb. But she concluded
that the body of Jesus had been stolen. Her shock moved her to quickly bring the information to Peter and the beloved disciple. Mary is encouraging us that when there are doubts in us, and when we are in need of a community, we can run to Peter and the beloved disciple, the latter being very close to Jesus himself. She is representative of so many, who are so enthusiastic about Jesus, but in need of guidance as regards faith. Taking into account the personality of Mary Magdalene, she is an epitome of a converted soul, ready to bring the good news to many others who are lost.

The Empty Tomb
The empty tomb is the silent witness of the best miracle that has
transpired in all human history. Jesus is truly risen! He is not in the tomb! What better sign can we· ask for? The presence of the burial shroud is a remnant of an old self that has been renewed through the glory of Christ. Jesus vanquished death! Therefore, it is now our responsibility to announce to the whole world that true to His promise, He was truly risen!

Peter and the Beloved Disciple
Both of these disciples were very close to Jesus. Maybe the reason why they were invited to the grace of the resurrection, being the first ones to know it, is a confirmation of their experience when Christ himself was transfigured. I believe that this is a reminder of spiritual proximity. The closer we are to Jesus, the more we can be assured of the resurrection in the afterlife that we will all experience. Scripture scholars though debated why the name of the beloved disciple was not mentioned? Many believed that the reason why it was not mentioned is because it represents a believer, like us, who is invited to experience the resurrection of Jesus himself. With the Church, represented by Peter himself, we can progress in our understanding of the Resurrected Christ and be assured of the same immense joyful expenence.

Faith is in the heart of Resurrection. The invitation of Jesus is wide open if we want to experience the same joy He had. Keeping the faith therefore is the key towards the victorious Christ whose peace and goodwill overflows to humanity despite their sinfulness and
hardness of hearts.

Christ opens the door of salvation for all of us. The victorious Christ offers us hope that the glory of God will be given us when our time comes. Just as the stone was rolled back, may our hearts be opened to see the Resurrected Christ from within us, and thus experience His heavenly presence.