“Pentecost”, by Fr. Tasang

The Gift of the Spirit is Unity in the Midst of Differences and Diversities. The month of May is a month The month of May is a month of festivities in many parts of the country. Last May 15, we had the famous tourist-drawing Pahiyas of Lukban, Quezon, with their colorful display of food andContinue reading ““Pentecost”, by Fr. Tasang”

“Good Shepherd”, by Fr. Tasang

FOR us to admit that we are sheep is to put our trust completely, unreservedly in Jesus, the Good Shepherd. The English language uses the word herd mentality; it comes from the pastoral setting of tending the sheep. It means a mindless grouping! congregation of people very similar to our concept of the so-called HAKOTContinue reading ““Good Shepherd”, by Fr. Tasang”