Reflecting on the Stations of the Cross during the past few weeks, I was taken by the 7th Station where Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the cross. All around our Parish, different people gifted with diverse talents offer themselves to help lighten the load that our Lord carries. As a community, we pray, share and care for the Church keeping our Lord’s promise alive.

In the past few years, I saw many take up the cross of leadership to spread God’s love. Many more lightened the cross by helping in their own special way. It is with gladness for me to share that this year is no different. Mrs. Bel Poe had agreed to chair our fiesta 2017. She had constantly supported the Church anonymously the past few years. This year, she and her family graciously accepted the call to lead our community in the various fiesta activities.

I know that each one of our parishioners has the spirit of Simon of Cyrene. With a few words of encouragement, parishioners eagerly volunteer to serve our community. Some write, some sing, some execute plans whose fruits we see around us inside and outside our Church. A lot has already been done resulting in my good achievements in and around our Church…. it is through the collective of all the Simons here in SSAP what we have achieved.

As we enter Holy Week, let us remember that there will always be need for more Simons of Cyrene. They will be needed even after Easter. Come and be like Simon now in Holy Week and beyond. Let us lighten the burden of our Lord together.

As published in the April 9 issue of the Parish Bulletin.