Dear co-journeyers:

Few days from the moment you pick up and read this Parish Bulletin issue, we will be pre-occupied with our Holy week activities and prayerfully be journey with Jesus especially through our Easter Triduum liturgical celebration. During these three days of contemplation and anticipation our liturgies emphasize the sacrificial death of Jesus in the Cross, the sacraments of baptism and the Eucharist, by which we enter into the life giving Passion of Christ and grow in hope of eternal life in Him.

Our Parish, through its different ministries is now in full swing preparing our liturgical celebrations. Your presence and participation will make it more meaningful and significant. It is my prayer that we take this opportunity to deepen our understanding about our Roman Catholic faith, guide our pastoral activities into becoming a Cristo-praxis, and strengthen the relationship among the members of the domestic church (family).

While I understand that there are other ways to make use of this weeklong vacation, I am appealing to our dear parishioners to spend this time for God with your love ones in prayer – revisiting your relationships, evaluating your values and priorities and crafting your future endeavor according to God’s plan and dream for you. Wherever we are in our life and faith journey, how we spend our time matters and to STOP (standing), LISTEN (seating) and PRAY (kneeling), make sense always.

God loves us much that He gave his son Jesus, for our redemption. We also have received much from God that helped us survived in many ways. Would it be fair enough if we ask: with how we live our life and as stewards of God’s gift, individually and collectively, does God deserved the state and quality of our life or do we give justice to God in the way we manage his blessings; vis-à-vis the victims of poverty, extrajudicial killings and destruction of our natural resources.

Journeying with Jesus to Calvary is never easy. But it always teaches us to LOVE that transforms and liberates, simply because it is free and authentic.

Your co-journeyer,

Fr. Reu Jose C. Galoy, OFM

As published in the April 2 issue of the Parish Bulletin.