Humility in Career by Tintin San Juan, Faith In Action (FIA)

I haven’t been part of the Parish for a long time. I joined Single Young Adults (SYA) in March 2009 and Faith in Action upon its inception in 2016. I have teamed in SYA, joined the Hospital and Prison Ministries in their outreaches, and other activities that have peaked my interest.

I work five jobs. One of which doesn’t even pay me. That’s aside from being a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a sister in law, a ninang, a cousin, a friend, etc. I also volunteer in two organizations, SSAP being one of them and I am President of the other.

I work for the family businesses and I have a business with my friends from community. At one point in time the load of handling all these business wore me down heavily. My only other sibling has his own medical profession and I had to accept the fact that there was no one else but me. That’s when I had a change of perspective.

I looked at aspects of the business that aligned with my personal beliefs and went from there. I look at the business in these ways: first, I am helping the economy; second, I am helping people get out of poverty by providing jobs; third, I am helping the environment. One thing my parents give importance to is to treat our employees like family. Embracing this ethic has given me a new sense of stewardship beyond the business lines and because of this, we have maintained low employee turnover.

Being a daughter/employee has its pros and cons. I have a little more flexibility but I work at odd times. I am constantly aware that my parents are getting older, and that one day the employees’ livelihoods will depend on me. Knowing that has kept me grounded. Flexibility gives me time to work on giving back and to have a work-life balance. It gives me the ability to drop things when I am needed. It also gives me time to rest.

I pray for strength, wisdom and knowledge to keep my beliefs alive and that our businesses may prosper so that we may serve Him more. “You earn your living by working, you earn your life by giving.” – George L. Graziadio

As published in the March 19 issue of the Parish Bulletin.