7The Hospital Ministry had a mini celebration with one of the patients they support in PGH. Hazel Elmundo had been confined in the pediatric ward due to massive pericardial effusion with hospital acquired infection. She had also been diagnosed with malnutrition.

Due to their circumstances, the family could not afford to purchase the prescribed medication for Hazel’s condition. The Hospital Ministry, as part of its objectives in providing antibiotics and medication to the patients, has been helping the family by providing them with the medication she needs for 3 weeks already.

On July 22, the Hospital Ministry once again visited, not just to give antibiotics, but also to help make Hazel’s 1st birthday more special for her. They gifted her with toys, clothes, shoes, and her birthday cake. You could really see her enjoying her chocolate cake as she ate!

The best gift of all though is her doctor making sure that she is okay and free to be discharged on her special day. You could really see the care and how attached Dr. Jeffrey Lappay was with Hazel, in the way he interacted with her and how excited he was when he saw us arriving with the birthday gifts for her.
We hope you can include Hazel and her complete recovery in your prayers.

Happy Birthday, Hazel!