“The Humble Work of a Homemaker,” The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine By Lianne Tiu

Many full-time housewives, when asked what they do, feel belittled and give a humble answer “I’m just a housewife.” They fear being stereotyped as being overweight, under-educated, uninformed, and boring. They dread being labeled as homemakers who spend most of the time watching TV soaps or game shows, playing “candy crush” game, having body or hair treatment at beauty spas, shopping, and checking on “facebook.” We have to realize that not everyone who devote themselves to motherhood and full-time homemakers are like that.

In fact, many of them are talented and accomplished women. Although their work may be financially unrewarding and sometimes monotonous, they know that their commitment to their families is very important. Chopping onions, changing diapers, vacuuming carpets, tutoring a son, preparing clothes for the husband may not be as “glamorous” as the outside-of-home-work. But their rewards are the smiles, embraces, and love of their families.

A famous conductor of an orchestra was asked which instrument was the most difficult to play. He answered, “Second fiddle. I can get plenty of first violinists. But to find one who can play second fiddle with enthusiasm – that’s the problem. And if we have no second fiddle, we have no harmony!” First violins are often the stars of the show; they get the melody lines; they get to sit next to the audience. Behind them are the second violins who are hardly seen. They play a supporting role; they play the harmony to the first violins. Without them, the orchestra would sound incomplete.

The work of a homemaker may be compared to that of a second fiddle. It is actually the hardest role to play as it appears unfulfilling by world standard. We should not look down on the humble work of the home because God wants to bestow this unique role on married women. No work is unimportant when it is done and offered up for God. We just have to work intensely behind the scene without seeking applause or admiration. Jesus notices our continuous exhausting work and our little sacrifices (done cheerfully and without show). He sees them and gives His blessings. St. Josemaria said: “Never expect men to thank you for your work. Do not seek human compensations. Always work for love of Jesus Christ.”

We ask Mother Mary to help us play our best as second fiddle. She is THE EXPERT in this very important humble work of the home.

{This article is not meant to offend mothers who MUST work outside the home to provide for their families. They deserve our prayers and support. This is about those full-time career mothers who are in the work force not because of need but because of greed and prestige.}

(Reference: Raising Catholic Children by Mary Ann Kuharski; http://meetingintheclouds.wordpress.com )