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Children are invited to offer flowers to our Blessed Virgin Mary at the 6PM mass during the month of May. Participants will receive a rosary made by the SSAP rosary group. Flowers will be provided.  

The Tuesday Marian Cenacle Invites you to the 4th of the 5 First Saturdays for the Reparation of Sin Committed Against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, on June 4, at 11:30 AM.

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In the Parish Bulletin, this week…

First Time Feelings

By Isa Lagdameo

We first encounter elections inside a classroom.  With my head down and hand up, I got my first taste  of a “secret ballot” in Grade 2. We later chose our  officers using paper ballots and secure websites,  which served as springboards for the real deal. And  although it has since taken 13 years for me to get here,  I finally get to vote — ballot, inked-finger, and all — this  coming May 9. 

At the dinner table, so many of my family members  are jaded at the prospect of another election year.  They’re tired of traditional politicians and their empty  promises, tired of the divisiveness that complicates  social events, and tired of the false hope that  comes with the prospect of decent or “pwede na” candidates. If I had voted in the last few elections, I  would probably share their outlook, but that’s where being a first-time voter makes me different. Because  for me — and a lot of my fellow idealistic first-timers  — elections are still these larger-than-life catalysts for  changes that are founded on hope. 

This coming May 9 represents so many things to  so many people. Some see it as a symbolic formality,  others as a mere civic duty, but it means much more  — it’s the great equalizer. Elections are a platform  wherein every eligible person who casts his/her vote  is listened to and respected regardless of social class,  gender, age, or educational attainment. As long as  they meet the requirements needed, they are heard  — just like any other voter. We often forget that more  than being a routine responsibility, elections are  opportunities to listen. It empowers voters to listen  to the needs of their community, mandates that the  rest of society listen to the political will of the majority  and allows warring factions to listen to each other’s  repressed emotions. When we choose to see elections  as an avenue to hear and respect one another, we  rekindle our lost hope in the electoral system and  begin to see its power positively again. 

Come election day, I get to vote alongside my Lola  — a veteran voter. Together, we will shade our ballots,  and through our singular votes, we will be heard. We  will walk into the precinct determinedly protecting the  spirit of idealism we still have in us and excitedly vote  for a better tomorrow. Hopefully, you find it in yourself  to do the same.

Mother’s Day 2022

By Maribel Sison-Dionisio, MA 

(Parenting and Relationship Consultant, Author, & Speaker at the Love Institute )

Maribel Sison-Dionisio with her Mom Sony (middle),  and her daughter Gica (left) 

What are you grateful to your Mom for? What from her do you carry with you in life? 

I am grateful for Mom Sony in numerous ways.  Indeed, my Mom Sony has been a great role model for  me as a wife, a mother and as a person. 

As a wife for 39 years, she adored my Papa Sito  so much and I could feel her love for him and his  dedication to her. When she got widowed at age 60,  she took a lot of roles in the family ministry. 

As a mother of 8 children, Mom Sony really made  herself available to me and to my siblings, and was  always approachable. 

As a person, she continued learning and growing,  taking her Master’s Degree in Psychology in her 40s  and then had a teaching career in Psychology. In her  Senior years, she led the Single Parents Community,  giving hope to those who have lost a spouse. Up to  her 80s she was active in various socio-civic groups,  totaling a very productive 88 years of her life!  

In my 38 years of marriage to Allan, I continually focused on my husband and not just the kids. As Mom  Sony said, your husband is the priority. I am so glad  that I was guided to have dates with my hubby while  she took care of the kids. Now that our kids are young  adults, it is back to spending more time with Allan.  

As a mother when our 3 kids were younger, I spent  a lot of time with them. I just had a part-time job. I  wanted to connect with our 3 children Raf, Dav  and Gica, so Mom Sony encouraged me to take  Parenting courses when Raf was 2 years old. This  Parenting course made a lot of positive differences  in raising these 3 personalities. I am so grateful to  Mom Sony for pushing me to attend and equipping  me to be a better Mom! And I am so grateful for the  information learned.  

Just like Mom Sony, I went back to school to take my MA in Family Ministry while raising 2 boys (well,  Mom raised 8 children, so I thought 2 boys would be  easy). I eventually completed my MA with a third child  and only daughter, Gica.  

My significant learning from Mom Sony was to care  not only for family but also for others, and to share our  blessings and knowledge. Mom was into Psychology,  and I pursued Family Ministry — we have a lot in  common! And a lot to be grateful for! 

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