Antioch is one of our three youth communities here in San Antonio Parish, for people ages 16-21. There is a catchphrase we use in the community – a battle cry, if you will – “pass it on.” It is a simple phrase, yet rich in both history and what it ultimately stands for.

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64th Antioch Weekend: June 19 to 21

Are you ready to join an exciting weekend for meeting new people, making new memories and strengthening your relationship with God? Then come join the 64th Antioch Weekend! For Young Adults ages 16-21

What is the Antioch Weekend?
The Weekend is 3 days of community and reflection. It’s a time for discovery – to learn more about yourself and God. A retreat for and by the Catholic Youth, that is open to all walks of life.

Registration Forms will be available at the Parish Center starting May 6 (Wednesday), or get a digital copy on the FB event page for printing. Deadline for submitting your form + payment is June 12, 2015
For More Information and Registration, contact:
Kaira (0917-501-4152)
Audrey (0917-844-7739)
Luisa (0998-998-8334)
For Other Concerns, contact the Adult Leaders:
JJ Yulo (0917-530-1160)
Tony Esteban (0917-836-8869)

by Mikee Atayde & Camille Villonco

This year’s sportsfest was one of a kind. Though, compared to the other years, this year had less people. Which was not a bad thing for us, no not at all! It was a great thing. Having less people made this activity more intimate, it brought everyone closer. This year’s sportsfest showed how one community such as Antioch, was able to bring many people together, people who came from different weekends and people who we had no clue ever existed. It was very nice to see the sportsmanship in each individual who participated and it was nice to see the teamwork shown in every group.

Having experienced such an activity brought us so much hope, it made us happy knowing that God works in mysterious ways and whatever he plans for us will always be what is right for us. Just like God, Antioch guides us to know what is right for us and shows us the love and compassion we truly deserve. We are both blessed to be a part of this community and blessed that we were able to be heads of this activity. We can’t wait for the many more activities this community will have for us that will be able to bring us all closer together.

The Weekend That Changed My Life
By Adrienne Mendoza


I entered Antioch with no expectations whatsoever except for the fact that I was scared to death at the thought they were going to beat or haze us (in my defense I’ve heard things about Days with The Lord so, yeah). For the very first time, when people talked about God and their strong beliefs towards their religion I decided to listen with an open mind and an open heart. As I was telling the friends I’ve made in Antioch, the experience for me in a single word would be: AMAZING. Continue reading….

Calling all young adults ages 16 to 21: Do you want to get closer to God, make new friends, and have fun all at the same time? Then join the next Antioch Weekend! A weekend of reflection, music, and prayer, for and by the Catholic youth.

Photo Gallery of 61st Antioch Weekend