Music Ministry

The Music Ministry gives praise and worship to the Lord through the solemnity and purity of song and instills participation and oneness of the congregation. To sing is a form of chant and prayer which heightens the reverence and adoration of the faithful. The ministry schedules and coordinates various choirs and soloists for regular masses and other rituals and observances such as processions and Lenten and Yuletide activities.

The Music Ministry is over all in charge of the liturgical singing in the Parish. It sees to it that the music played or sung at the various liturgical celebrations where music is required are appropriate; in particular the regular and special weekday masses, Sunday and special feast masses. It coordinates with the administrative committee on the policies of the parish for weddings and funerals. It implements the guidelines of Vatican II which emphasizes the importance of music in the celebration of the sacraments and the mass. It coordinates with the Archdiocesan Commission on Liturgical music and attends its recollections and meetings.

Belonging to this Ministry are the song leaders, pianist, organist or accompanist, choirs both volunteers and guest choirs. They cover the singing in all the weekdays, and anticipated and Sunday masses in the parish which includes the North Forbes, Urdaneta and Dasmariñas Villages. It is the biggest ministry in the Parish in terms of membership.

For their spiritual deepening and formation the members of the ministry attend the Parish programs of formations and recollections. The Ministry always welcomes new members willing to share the faith and serving the community by expressing the love of God and neighbour through music.


1. We envision ourselves as a responsive group that sees to it that the congregation is not left out of the singing and therefore avoid that we do not give a performance during the mass or liturgy, but instead, all from composers and publishers to the Parish Music Director, choir member, song leaders and cantors must focus on getting the people respond with one voice.

2. As musicians, we are relevant to the ritual when we clothe it within the richest symbols of sound, orchestrating our ordinary pedestrian experience with instrument of deep colors. This is the mystical link between what is earthly to beauty and what is beyond beauty.

3. As leaders and guide in the musical aspect in the liturgy we are properly trained and equipped with the faculties to do our part.

4. As disciples and sharers in faith we commit to regular attendance in parish ministries meeting as part of our formation and entrust all our endeavors to the good Lord for His greater glory.


Koro Ilustrado, currently part of the Music Ministry of the SSAP, recently achieved new heights in choral singing at the 11th Busan Choral Festival & Competition held on October 14-17, 2015 in Busan, South Korea. The all-male choir led by the Philippine Madrigal Singers alumni Edmund and Anna Piquero were bestowed Silver and Bronze Awards in the Classical Equal Voices and Pop/Acapella categories, respectively, last October 17, 2015 at the conclusion of the aforementioned international choral festival. They also bagged the Special Judge Prize for soul-uplifting and inspiring performances during the competitions. Anna, Koro Ilustrado’s conductor, was awarded Best Conductor and went on to conduct the festival choir. Continue reading from the Parish Bulletin…..