Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion (EMHC)

Lead by their Ministry head, Augustus Abiog, the brothers of the EMHC are lay men who are faithful and willing to strive to serve the Parish Priest and fellow parishioners by distributing Holy Communion to the faithful at all Masses, and to bring Holy Communion to those who are unable to assist at Mass through illness or who are otherwise incapacitated.

As part of this service, we protect and defend the Lord Jesus in the vulnerable form of Holy Communion, by ensuring that we, ourselves, and all others treat the Real Presence with proper respect and reverence.

Nonetheless, you’ll also find us ushering and providing brawn during occasions such as the Veneration of the Cross, or Stations of the Cross in the garden during Lent, or with carrying canopies and candles during processions. We also perform more genteel tasks such as administering the blessing of St Blaise and getting our hands dirty with ashes on Ash Wednesday. Sometimes, when needed, we’ll assist with taking collection. And we often get to march up and down the church with squirty bottles of Holy Water during blessings.

Our most important functions, though, are the three mentioned in the first paragraph: to serve, to distribute Holy Communion, and to bring Him to those who can’t get to Mass.

But, why do we do what we do? For love. In a real way, we bring Him to His people.

We invite men from ages 18-65 to apply to join the service of Our Lord and His Church in this way. If interested contact Bernadette at the parish office tel.no. (2) 8843 8830 or email this Personal Data form to berniebvm@rocketmail.com.

Congratulations, 2020 EMHC!

Our MiniStreams on March 2021: “Partaking the Living Bread”

Some of the brothers posing with the Parish Priest, Fr Reu

Get to know more about the Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion of Santuario de San Antonio Parish.

We are always on the lookout for men who would like to share their time to the Lord and serve as a lay minister. Let us all join together and serve our church and Our Lord.

EMHC serving during Simbang Gabi