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CWL Scholar Talks about his Experience

Gelo Aberilla has been a Catholic Women’s League scholar since 2008 when he was in 2nd year HS. He is currently in college, and lives at Cadena de Amor St., Pembo, Makati. He talks a bit about himself and of his learnings in the scholarship program.

I am Anthony Angelo A. Aberilla, 18 years old and I’m in my senior year at University of Makati taking up Bachelor in Integrated Arts Major in Broadcast Arts. The major that I am taking is basically Broadcasting but it also has performing arts in it that’s why I’ve performed in the campus before. My course also requires putting up productions that makes us capable of organizing different events.

After finishing the course, I would like to be heard by people by being a Radio Jock and an events host. Just like other teenagers, my interests are spending my free time reading a book or watching movies. And I believe I’m a friendly person that’s why I can easily mesh with people around me.

I was introduced into this scholarship by my cousin, Fatima Bañares and I’ve been in the organization for almost 8 years now. And I can honestly say that the “Anthony” that entered here years ago is a different “Anthony” who’s in front of you now.

Like what all the graduates are saying when leaving this organization, CWL mothers didn’t just help them financially but also spiritually. And yes, this is actually true.

But for me there’s more, aside from assisting us with necessities and making our faith stronger, they are also helping us sharpen our talents and skills.

Every meeting, our CWL mothers make sure that we are improved in different ways and are much better than before. They do it by giving us lessons and tips on how to cope and stand out in life.

Aside from that, we always have our sharing that I think is very important because we get to learn from other scholar’s experience. This kind of activity helps us in opening our eyes and having a different perspective in life.

Truly, we are blessed in being part of this organization and I am still looking forward for more lessons and learning that will help me in becoming a better individual and son of God.