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“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Lk 18:14)

This reminder of Jesus is a call to minister to the young members of our Church. Responding to this call entails selfless dedication and sacrifice. It is in this light that we affirm the role of CCD in the faith development of our children in the parish.

For more than three decades, CCD has been true to its vision in molding the hearts and minds of our children. The sensible, undivided spirit of love, service and volunteerism of the committee, parents, teachers and others provide opportunities for everyone to grow in love and peace. This partnership is a concrete mission-response that our Church is encouraging us to fulfill. CCD takes this task seriously and will continue in its efforts to develop future missionaries who are equipped with the tenets of our faith and active in living out the Gospel way of life.

As the Church is threatened by so many issues confronting families, we affirm the role of CCD in the faith-development of our children and in providing a greater understanding of their religion. May this moral-catechetical development formation help them to become modern-day defenders of our faith and morals.

Just as the Risen Lord gave the command to his disciples “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them… and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Mt 28:19ff; Acts 1:8), it is my ardent wish that the duty given to all of us in handing down the faith be solidly nurtured in both the parents and teachers in CCD. This is the noble mission that God wants us to accomplish as co-journeyers towards realizing a new heaven and a new earth.

God bless and more power to the CCD Family!

Fr. Joel E. Sulse, OFM
Parish Priest

The Continuing Catholic Development (CCD) is an internationally recognized parochial religious education program for children. In the Philippines, it has been officially assigned as a Ministry of the Santuario de San Antonio Parish (SSAP) in Forbes Park. As such, it is committed to educate its students with the basic teachings and fundamental truths of the Church. It also prepares students for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

The CCD Community is comprised of English-speaking families from all over the world. The children study in non-Catholic schools that do not provide Catechism as part of its curriculum nor as an extra-curricular activity. Students from the International School Manila (ISM), British School Manila (BSM), Chinese International School (CIS) and European International School (EIS) are well represented in the program.

Catechetical instructions for the children of English-speaking families who attend non-Catholic schools began in the Philippines in 1936 at Our Lady of Remedios in Malate. At that time, most foreigners lived in the area and the American School was likewise located in close proximity. Fr. Nicholas Murray, District Superior of the Missionary Society of St. Columban, was its Spiritual Adviser.

In October 1976, the ministry was transferred to SSAP by the late †Jaime Cardinal Sin. This was mainly due to the influx of expatriates and their families to the gated villages of Makati. In 1980, this special ministry was formally called Continuing Catholic Development, patterned after similar religious education programs in public schools across the USA and other parts of the world.

CCD is committed to instill in its pupils holistic Catholic formation. As such, the children are educated in the basic teachings and fundamental truths of the Church by studying Holy Scriptures and sacred traditions. They are mentored into living a dynamic faith by assimilating this knowledge into their daily lives through daily prayers, the exercise of Christian values and the performance of their social responsibilities.

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