Social Communications

The Social Communications Ministry’s goals are two-fold:
– First, it aims to make information even more accessible to the SSAP audience.
– Second, it seeks to build the Parish community both locally, by involving more parishioners in church events, as well as globally, by maximizing the reach of existing social media platforms.

  • List of SoComm Ministry Team Members:
    • RDIP Head – Teng Jorolan
    • SoComm Head – Sandi Suplido
    • Social Media In-Charge:
      • Facebook, Youtube and Website – Jeannie Bitanga
      • Instagram – Rachelle Wenger
      • Viber – Teng Jorolan
    • SoComm Members – Marlon Guanizo, Crissy Castillo
  • Special thanks to Mara Eala, Cara Padilla and Mela Garcia for helping create the new SSAP Logo!


  • Link to SoComm’s portfolio – here
  • How We Work – here