Parish Bulletin Team

Get to Know the Editorial Team!

Clar Gomez

“I’m an education advocate and a teacher at heart. Outside of my work at a non-profit organization, I indulge in many hobbies such as art, baking and playing on my ukulele. While on lockdown, I’ve been busy working, helping out at home, checking up on my friends, serving the Single Young Adults (SYA) community (online), and editing for the Parish Bulletin. There are so many things we cannot do during this crisis, but what little we can do can be an offering to God.”

Caren Tordesillas

“My husband and I grew up serving SSAP through music since we were very young. When we got married and had our firstborn, we made it a point to include praying together in our daily routine. As a mom, and as someone who works in the creative field, I always tell my kids and those around me to do things with love. When you work with love, you work with God. And this helps me to produce results that make me happy in the things I do — photographing people, drawing, baking, and doing the layout for the Parish Bulletin.”

Monica Madrigal

“I work as a fashion designer of my own clothing label. I am also an active member of the Parish Bulletin and San Antonio Single Young Adults. One way that I serve God is by helping others through the work that I do. For example, since the start of the ECQ, I am happy that I have been able to help out my production team by providing them with a continuous source of income. As a creative, I see God — in the beauty of the world around me — from the colors of the sunset to the intricate craftsmanship of the local traditional handwoven textiles I work with.”

Ninee Pascual

“One of the things I am most grateful for is daily prayer. During the recent ECQ when a lot of people were scared and anxious, I simply resorted to strengthening my prayer life with daily online Masses and gathering different groups of friends to pray the Rosary at different times of the day, every day. Being able to pray together, share stories and laughter became such a wonderful source of comfort, encouragement and joy for all of us. Today, although we haven’t seen each other since March, our daily prayer time has brought us closer to one other.”

Peachy Maramba

“I spend my days in front of the television. I have two Masses a day and I have about three Rosaries and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. I am now doing a Book of Prayers, when I’m not writing articles for the Parish Bulletin. For my book, I would like to solicit contributions from everybody of their favorite prayers.”

Lianne Tiu

“By participating in daily Mass, I tell our Lord, “I love you” (adoration), “Thank you” (thanksgiving), “I’m sorry” (reparation), and “Please” (petition). It is not enough that I write articles or talk about Christian faith; I try my best, with my many defects and failures, to help people and to live my everyday life doing God’s Will happily. My ordinary work as a wife, mother, and accountant are wonderful opportunities to show my love for Jesus Christ and to make His love and goodness known to others.”

Ramon M. Ong

“As I approach age 80, I thank the Lord every day that He has allowed me to serve my country, my fellowmen and my family for such a long, long time. I try to use what little energy I have left, to prepare myself to meet Him and account for all the talents He has entrusted to me. My work with the Parish Bulletin — although it consumes several hours and several days each week — has given me much satisfaction, as it is a unique way to be of benefit to my beloved parishioners, even if I am alone and unseen in my little room. All I need is my laptop, the Internet and the Lord’s approval to serve Him for one more day.”

Rachelle C. Wenger

“I’m a full time homemaker – a wife and mom of 2 young adults. On the side, my time is spent designing interiors, facilitating workshops and talks, and designing home products handmade by local artisans. I also teach Catechism through CCD (Continuing Catholic Development) and Co-Chair of the Lectors and Commentators Ministry. As Editor-in-Chief of the Parish Bulletin, I direct and guide our Team in its vision to provide timely, relevant and inspirational articles for our Parish Community. By apportioning my time and talents, I hope to glorify the Giver — by providing jobs to the artisans, spreading beauty and peace in the homes I design — while still fulfilling my responsibilities as homemaker for my own family. I also facilitate various workshops that help high-powered women live balanced and fulfilling lives. Every single day, I try to give my best in thanksgiving to everything that God has blessed me with and to ultimately help others see Him by the works I do.

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