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Prison Ministry ArticleThe Prison Ministry has many activities lined up for MCJ residents such as Lenten Recollection, Santa Cruzan, Barrio Fiesta, Film Showing, Sportsfest, Medical and Dental Mission and Christmas gift giving. We also have Catechism classes for them every Monday. It has been a challenge for us earlier on looking for Catechists and “Biyaya” to give them after every lesson and after every activity, but God provides. In behalf of the Prison Ministry, we would like to thank you, our dear Parishioners for your donations that support this program. We look forward to be with you in our activities.

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by Alli Raval – Prison Ministry Head

October is Prison Awareness Month. We are celebrating the National Correctional Consciousness Week (NACOCOW) with The Taguig City Jail (TCJ) inmates this coming week October 26-30, 2015.

Once a year we place our focus on the prisoner. Look at how often criminals were mentioned in the bible, how they are looked down upon by society, yet the prisoners were among the special ones that Jesus mentions in his final discourse in Mt. 25:36. The last person who spoke to Jesus was a prisoner. Pope Francis has always found time to visit prisoners. Perhaps it is because almost all of the prisoners are from the poor. We see the poor all around us with palms opened knocking on our car windows, but nobody can see the inmate who is locked away from society and whose palms can only extend beyond the small opening of a prison bar. Read the full story…..


By Alli Raval – Prison Ministry Head

The Prison Ministry together with Fr. Reu Galoy, the SYA Volunteers and JPIC Scholars brought the fiesta to Taguig City Jail by having a “Master Chef” cooking challenge last May 30, 2015. For one day, inmates bring back happy memories of cooking for their loved ones. A total of 400 kilos of vegetables, 120 chickens, 25 dozens of eggs, and so much more were given for them to cook a 3 course meal to share with their fellow inmates numbering to about 1,000.

This cooking challenge is the jump start of more activities for the TCJ inmates. We are currently in the process of helping them build a “Multi-faith Purpose chapel.” We are finalizing the plans and will start construction soon. Read the full story>>>>>


by Alli Raval

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Last May 30, 2014, we had the Santa Cruzan in Makati City Jail. 40 Residents joined the procession dressed in beautiful gowns and barongs donated by our parishioners. They all looked so different . . . not wearing their usual yellow shirts with BJMP stamped on them. They have smiles on their faces, looking proud of what they were wearing and the roles they were portraying for the procession. Continue reading…..

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