“Rediscovering the Power of the Sacraments this Lent” by Javier Luis Gomez

Over the last three Saturdays, the parish has sponsored a series of Lenten talks under the theme “REDEEMED”. Each talk focuses on a different sacrament in the life of the Church and how the sacraments are realities that continue in our lives as Catholics up till this very day. The first talk was entitled “BLOODContinue reading ““Rediscovering the Power of the Sacraments this Lent” by Javier Luis Gomez”

“SYA Weekend-First Step to a Wonderful Journey” by Alexandra Li

When I was asked to join a Single Young Adults (SYA) weekend in 2008, I didn’t know what to expect. All the while, I thought I wouldn’t get a lot out of the weekend since I had lived a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I had firm goals in life and was on track to achievingContinue reading ““SYA Weekend-First Step to a Wonderful Journey” by Alexandra Li”

“I was in prison and you visited me…” Matthew 25:37

This Sunday is the end of National Correctional Consciousness (NACOCO) Week a national celebration held in correctional institutions across the country. For one week, the inmates through their supporters hold activities among themselves and for their families and friends. In our parish the Prison Ministry would like to take this opportunity to share with youContinue reading ““I was in prison and you visited me…” Matthew 25:37”

“Building at Sixty”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

In 1951, on the far, distant side of a flourishing, booming town, a flurry of activities was reaching fever pitch. A family of landowners was laying down the cornerstone of what would become a place of worship to answer the spiritual needs and concerns of a new, emerging community. The family came from the clanContinue reading ““Building at Sixty”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

Beneficiaries of the Annual Francisfest

The sole beneficiary of the annual Francisfest is the Santuario de San Antonio Parish Foundation Inc. (SSAPF). This was organized and registered as a donee institution on May 6, 1982 for the purpose of promoting the growth of Christian faith in the community, developing spiritual growth among its members and beneficiaries and giving assistance toContinue reading “Beneficiaries of the Annual Francisfest”

Restorative Justice/Prison Ministry

ABOUT US JPIC___SCHOLARSHIP___FRIENDSHIP HOME LIVELIHOOD___ECOLOGY___PGH The Prison Ministry has many activities lined up for MCJ residents such as Lenten Recollection, Santa Cruzan, Barrio Fiesta, Film Showing, Sportsfest, Medical and Dental Mission and Christmas gift giving. We also have Catechism classes for them every Monday. It has been a challenge for us earlier on looking forContinue reading “Restorative Justice/Prison Ministry”