Hello SSAP!! Fr. Judee Mar Maquinad, OFM

Thank you for your warm welcome. Everyone knows fully well SSAP is a very special parish. It is such an honor and rare privilege for anyone to be part of SSAP Family. To be counted in as part of SSAP Family means to do one’s share, to meet the given demands and expectations. On my part, I can only think of my limited parish work experiences. I am a neophyte in terms of parish work. As a friar, this is my third time to live in a parish community. The first time is, when I was assigned in a parish community as a requirement for Ordination. This was my one-year pre-diaconal apprenticeship at Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish, Santa Ana, Manila. Second, is in a rural parish in Santo Tomas, Isabela and stayed there for less than a year as a newly ordained priest. I was ordained to priesthood on August 02, 2012.

I had my solemn vows in the Franciscan Order on May 31, 2007. Thereafter, I was given the opportunity to do formation work in two different stages of Formation Program of the Franciscan Philippine Province of San Pedro Bautista. Eight full years of journeying and accompanying our young candidates; that they may respond generously to their Franciscan religious calling. I have spent 4 years in Our Lady of the Angels Seminary Aspirancy Formation Program and 4 years in the Post-Novitiate Formation Program. I had also the opportunity to work in the OFM-JPIC Office as

As I have come to begin to journey with my new assignment and be part of SSAP Family. I can see myself as an eager-learner, willing to learn new things and ready to acquire new experiences. The life and ministry in a simple parish is not without demands and expectations. How much more here at SSAP?! Indeed, it is very special parish. There is a huge task awaiting and challenges are but inevitable. But I know, with the community of seasoned friars around and with the support and help from the PPC Officers and Members together with the entire parish community, I will be able to do my share in serving the parish community.

I hope and pray that my one-year of stay here at SSAP will be a meaningful and wonderful one. I will always try to strive to give my best!

May SSAP continuously becomes a parish community for all! May it be a real home for all! May Saint Anthony of Padua, our beloved Patron Saint intercede for us, always!