Breaking through on Canvas by: Letty Jacinto-Lopez


An art work has this intriguing effect of putting yourself in the shoes of the artist who created it. You are suddenly drawn to it while a multitude of questions dance on your head. Is the artist using this medium to express something he has lost and now wants to recapture desperately? Find the answers, and more, in an Art Exhibition of portraits and paintings that will dot the walls of SSAP from Saturday, May 27, 2017 until Tuesday, June 16, 2017. (Ribbon-cutting on opening night, after the 4:30 pm mass). Get some insight into what moved a company of artist inmates to pick up the brush. One described it as “skirting around some personal upheaval, mixed with bad choices, that pulled me down into a cycle of sustained drug abuse.” Another went further, “It may be the rapture of being on drugs or of deciding to leave them behind, that released and opened up a sense of drama with an absolute absence of glamour.” What they have captured on canvas will hopefully build up public awareness, enhance sustainability and ultimately be the key to unlock shackles of dependency. Own a piece of this world?

* Sale of artworks is under two exclusive categories: P4,000 and P6,000. Proceeds of sale will go to the penal facility holding drug-related offenders and to the improvement of the SSAP Sacristy.