The best part in being volunteers in Church is that everyone works with a mission to serve as stewards and servants in the same value system and love for God and the Parish. The Council meets regularly with the Administrative Council to discuss budget requirements, employee concerns and performance, and facilities management. The desired and decided outcome is always for the good of the Parish through fairness, justice and kindness.

The Administrative Council works well as a team. Collaborative Leadership is practiced. No one assumes power over the other. Each one is given the chance to comment on an issue or bid. Assessing quotes and estimates is a standard procedure. Much respect is given to the options and recommendations given by the PPC. When there are differences of opinion, one is always ready to understand the other opinions before reaching a mutually agreeable course of action.

Providing services for parishioners, taking care of Parish facilities and assets are the focus. Manuals and Policies are reviewed to make sure that practice is still relevant and correct.

Continuous improvement evolves in Admin Council. We believe that better decisions are made when information is complete and communicated well. The synergy of people, ideas, processes, and opinions, allow us to work towards one goal. Employees continue to undergo values formation and trainings to improve their passion to serve.

There are a lot of challenges in putting order and discipline, most especially when decisions affect employees, parishioners, the PPC, pastoral team, ministries and the different mandated organizations.

The PPC, council members and employees work as a team for the glory of God. Given the diversified, vast and varied personalities, activities, functions, circumstances, services in the Parish, the Admin Council works best gathering information, reviewing and understanding the situation, listening with the eyes and ears of the heart, for the best interest of the Church.

With collective leadership and collegiality between the Admin and the PPC, the two are bound to work harmoniously.