“Give hope to these young men and women, allowing them to dream of a better life through education.”

These past 2 months the SSAP Scholarship committee members interviewed young men and women from the peripheries, all of them eager to finish a college education but handicapped by their poverty. Listening to their heart-rending stories, how we wished we could give all of them scholarships. We chose the most needy students with the greatest aptitude to finish their selected college courses. Their profiles appear in the pages of this parish bulletin.

We appeal once again to Santuario de San Antonio parishioners and friends to join us in giving hope to these young people whose utmost dream is to finish a college course so that they can find better jobs and thus uplift their lives and those of their families. You may sponsor a scholar in full; or choose to sponsor only the tuition; or transportation expense; or food allowance of a particular scholar. Checks may be made out to SSAP Foundation, Inc. At the back of the check please write “Strictly for SSAP Scholarship Program.”

May our dear Lord shower countless blessings on you and your family for your compassion and generosity for those who have so much less in life.

For further questions, please see our social worker, Ms. Jackie Macasias, at the parish office; or you may call her at tel. no. 843-8830, line 4.

Profiles of SY 2017-2018 College Scholars


Mhayen Marquel Mateo Bangasan (18 years old)
3rd Yr., BS Psychology, PUP Manila,
GWA: 1.81
Tuition: P 2,000/yr.
Transpo allowance: 12,400/yr. (P310/week)
Food allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 22,400/Yr.

Mhayen is the 2nd of 3 daughters, all very well brought up with Christian values by devoted and hard working parents. She is by nature a caring person who empathizes with those who have problems, that is why her dream course is Psychology. Mhayen is bright, diligent, and focused on her goals.


Ma. Danielle Nueva Serrano (19 years old)
4th Yr, BSBA, San Pedro College of Business
GWA: 2.22
Tuition: P 36,000/yr.
Transpo allowance: 10,800/yr. (P270/week)
Food allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 56,800/Year

Marielle, lives with her father, a driver with a take-home pay of approximately P5,000 monthly. She lost her mother and oldest sister to cancer, and recently her 9 years old sister died of pneumonia. Despite these tragedies, Marielle has remained steadfast in her studies and her faith. Her dream is to earn enough money so that she can take care of her father who has worked so hard to support all their needs.


Rolia Apuyan Borres (21 years old)
4th Yr., BS Education, Phil. Normal Univ.
Tuition & books P 10,000/yr.
Boarding: 20,000/yr.
Food allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 40,000/Yr.

Rolia’s parents are kareton vendors in Divisoria. Rolia grew up with her older sisters because their parents are drug addicts. Determined to become a good teacher, Rolia, with the help of her sisters, managed to take up 3 years of college at PNU. Now on her 4th year, she is seeking financial assistance so that she can finish her course. She hopes to inspire her students to become good Filipino citizens


Florentino Calaunan Riobuya (21 years old)
3rd Yr., BS IT, Access Computer College, QC
GWA: 1.70
Tuition: P 30,000/yr.
Transpo allowance: 9,600/yr. (P240/week)
Food allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 49,600/Yr.

Florentino lives in Payatas, Q.C. with his parents and 3 younger siblings. He had to stop studying on his 3rd year of college because of financial difficulties. He wants very badly to finish his course so that he can help his parents support his younger siblings


Shiella Marie Padel Cabacaba (23 years old)
3rd Yr., BSBA, STI Parañaque
GWA: 2.43
Tuition: P 45,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 17,200/yr. (P430/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 72,200/yr.

Shiella’s parents are farmers in Samar; Shiella has managed to pay for her tuition at STI by working as a contractual worker in Jollibee although it has taken her 3 years to finish 2 years of college. She is applying for a scholarship so she can finish her course and work as a regular employee at Jollibee, where she is assured of a job as manager. She looks forward to earning higher pay so that she can help support her parents.


Keny Joy Rubio Manligues (19 yrs old)
3rd Yr., BS Education Eulogio “Amang”Rodriguez Institute
GWA: 1.97
Tuition: P 8,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 7,200/yr. (P180/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 26,000/yr.

Ken loves children, the reason why she wants to become an elementary school teacher for special children. Ken lives with her 3 siblings who help support her. She looks forward to the day she is able to support herself and send money to her parents in Aklan, especially to her father who is sickly.


Ramil Ros Sintos (18 years old)
3rd Yr., Electro-Mechanical Technology
University of Rizal System
GWA: 2.17
Tuition: P 10,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 8,800/yr. (P220/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 28,800/yr.

Ramil’s parents are farmers in Masbate. His eldest sister who is working supports and pays his tuition. He is a serious student eager to finish his course in Electro Mechanical Technology (repairing air-conditioners and refrigerators) so that he can help his sister and his parents in Masbate.


Scott Cavalida (20 years old)
4th Yr., BS Information Technology
STI College Ortigas–Cainta
GWA: 1.67
Tuition: P 50,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 20,000/yr. (P500/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 80,000/yr.

Scott is asking for financial assistance in his last year in college. His father is now retired, receiving a monthly pension of P 8,000. Mature and with leadership qualities Scott repairs computers in his free time. He hopes to work in an IT-related company in the future.


Dan Angelo Dacut (19 years old) 4th Yr., Bachelor of Graphics Technology
Major in Architectural Technology
GWA: 2.09
Tuition: P 17,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 12,600/yr. (P315/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 39,600/yr.

Dan sees himself working as a draftsman in a design or architectural firm one day. He is the son of the parish electrician while his mother is an elementary school teacher. A big portion of the family budget goes to the medical expenses of his eldest brother who is suffering from kidney failure. Dan is applying for his fourth and fifth year in College.


Marie Antonette Fabakair (19 years old)
4th Yr., BS Accountancy, Rizal Technological Univ.
GWA: 2.06
Tuition: P 14,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 20,000/yr. (P200/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 44,000/yr.

Marie graduated with honors in grade school and high school and has good writing and speaking skills. Her single mother is a leche flan vendor and works extra as a “runner” following up documents of employees in government offices for a fee. Marie is very personable and determined to be an accountant.


Mexi Bryan Geronimo (21 years old)
3rd Yr., BS Electronics & Communication Engineering
Rizal Technological University
GWA: 2.12
Tuition: P 10,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 10,400/yr. (P260/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 30,400/yr.

Mexi is the son of our parish cook. Having been involved in theater acting and scriptwriting, he commands a good presence, is very well-mannered and has a good command of English, landing him a job as a call center agent to help his mother with family expenses. He resigned from his job so he could focus on his studies, hoping he could get financial assistance.


Jeniesa Granada (18 years old)
3rd Yr., Bachelor in Elementary Education
Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology
GWA: 2.05
Tuition: P 8,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 4,800/yr. (P480/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 22,800/yr.

Jeniesa is the daughter of a tricycle driver who earns P 350 a day. They live in an informal dwelling in Tatalon, Quezon City. She wants to use her knowledge to help Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and special needs. She looks forward to the day when she is able to earn enough so that her younger siblings and her mother can live together as a family under one roof.


Nikka de Guzman (19 years old)
4th Yr., BS Education major in Filipino
Rizal Technological University
GWA: 1.95 Tuition: P 16,000/yr.
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 26,000/yr.

Nikka’s father died nine years ago; her mother works as a janitress at the Mandaluyong Medical Hospital. Financial constraints, especially expenses involved in thesis writing, not to mention day to day living expenses are problems which Nikka hopes to surmount to finish her last year in college.


John Isaias Rondolo (19 years old)
4th Yr., BS Hotel & Restaurant Management Lyceum of Alabang
GWA: 2.15
Tuition: P 53,000/yr.
Transpo Allowance: 6,800/yr. (P170/week)
Food Allowance: 10,000/yr. (P50/day)
TOTAL P 69,800/yr.

John is asking for financial assistance in his last of year college. His family’s daily living expenses can no longer sustain his college expenses. With his expertise John wants to work in a cruise ship to help contribute to the family finances.