by Totoy Abiog

Apr 16 Abiogfamily

My wife and I got married in Cebu. We were part of a team who were posted by our employer to set up a branch there. We have hoped to have children right after marriage however God had other plans for us. We waited and waited until the day came when we learned that my wife has conceived – after five long years of waiting. We were so happy and excited to welcome the new addition to our family. Later on, we learned we’re having a girl! After a visit to the doctor, we were told that the baby could already hear us from the womb. So we bought some nursery rhyme books which we religiously read to her every night. On my wife’s fifth month of pregnancy, she experienced a spotting. The doctor advised her to be on full bed rest. She had to have a nurse as she was not allowed to even walk to the bathroom. Two weeks passed and she experienced bleeding. She was rushed to the hospital and prematurely gave birth to our baby girl. Our baby came out alive but only for about an hour. We even heard her cried, and watched her little fingers moved until she breathed her last. No one could save her. The doctors told us that our baby was too young to survive. My wife was devastated and heartbroken. I, too, was very sad and bitter to the point of questioning God’s plan for us. My wife would cry everyday and I would silently cry with her. We could not understand why it had to happen to us. We were both ready to be parents.

Then, we moved back to Manila the year after my wife’s miscarriage. Just two months after, my wife conceived once again. It’s another girl. Our eldest daughter is now fourteen years old. She is kind-hearted, loving and caring. She takes up voice lessons and paints during her free time. After four years, again, we gladly welcomed another baby girl who is now 10 years old. She is independent-minded and acts like a matured lady. She now takes up ballet and adores her big sister very much.

Our two girls are living miracles that we never thought we would have. Whenever my wife and I have unanswered prayers, all we have to do is to look at our daughters. They are reminders that God will never abandon us. Surely, my wife’s miscarriage was a heart breaking trial for us. But in His right time, the Lord blessed us with two beautiful girls and we are so grateful for this. The pain of losing our little Angel will never be forgotten but we have learned to move forward and trust that the Lord will always be with us. God always knows best.

As published in the April 16 issue of the Parish Bulletin.