by Chips Guevara

June 13, 2016, we had our baby girl, Sachiko. She was born with Down Syndrome. My wife (Akiko) not stop crying for 2 months. We were told that she would have delayed learning abilities, that she might have complications in the heart, intestines, and the thyroid, and that she will be short in stature, and will have difficulty learning how to speak because of the shape of her mouth and tongue. Many worries came to mind. Will she have friends? Will people be accepting of her? How will she take care of herself when she grows old and we are gone?

When we started to see all the doctors and therapists, I realized our business was not enough to support Sachiko’s needs and that the cash needs were immediate. I had to look for a job.
By God’s grace, a job landed on my lap but it was based in Bulacan. The commute was tough – 2 hours going, 3 hours coming home. So I needed to sleep in Bulacan during the week. Akiko had it even harder. She had to juggle the boys schedule of school, tutorials, sports, Sachiko’s various medical visits and therapy, while running the swim school, and nursing Sachiko at night.

But the sacrifices we make for our precious Sachiko is something we are happy to do. We want her to reach her full potential whatever that may be. We want her to be as independent as she can be, to be able to talk, and learn, and play and enjoy life.

Perhaps God’s purpose for Sachiko was to teach us something. Many parents of special needs children say their kids teach them Unconditional Love. I love Sachiko for all that she is. Perhaps this is God’s way of giving us a glimpse of His unconditional love for us, his imperfect children. And the sacrifice we make for our children is a glimpse of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of dying on the cross, so that we may be all become the children of God.

As published in the April 9 issue of the Parish Bulletin.