Dear Co-journeyers:

Peace and well-being!

First of all, let me humbly express my personal and sincere gratitude to our PPC leadership for successfully organizing and animating our 2017 Buling-Buling Celebration. To all those who joined their ministry presentation – you have showed and shared again the talents and giftedness our parish-community. To those in attendance, your presence was indeed an inspiration to our performers and your support became the very reason why they were inspired and excited in their presentation. We have another one long year to collectively think the theme for our 2018 Buling-Buling. For now, nothing seems to be important than to say, Thank you Lord for the gift of faith, friendship and family, alive and active in SSAP.

Moving on to our new reality and as we embark our journey through this Lenten season, allow me to offer you this simple prayer:

God of life and history,
please guide every member of our parish-community
to discover the meaning and glory of your suffering and death.
Give us the sight to see life with an eye that appreciates goodness,
as you Father our creator have saw in your creation.

Grant us Lord,
the heart that feels the suffering and
pain of our sisters and brothers due
to unjust social, political and economic structures
that scorn our human dignity and integrity;
hands that reaches out and help comfort people especially
the least, lost, and the last.

A mind that seeks God’s will and wisdom above all else
and willing to let go of personal EGO and agenda
to freely and joyfully serve your people and our parish community.

Lord God, through our Lenten observance, give us the grace
to live more for you than for my ambition,
to love you more than my ego
to learn more from for you than my alternative facts.

May this simple prayer assist us to become worthy servants,
through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen!

Let us begin our journey,

Fr. Reu Jose C. Galoy, OFM