A Eucharistic Community of Different Families Serving the Lord by Edmund Lim, KHS


Our parish consists of various communities built up slowly over the decades. Our volunteers come from all walks of life empowered by their own strengths, sharing a common goal of spreading the word of God.

Santuario de San Antonio Parish began with five major groups, fondly called WESTY (Worship, Education, Services, Temporalities and Youth). It was with this core group, headed by their respective leaders, that our parish began its journey with Fr. Urban and Fr. Hugh many years ago. Today, you see a structure in our parish similar to WESTY, but fine-tuned over the decades and fortified by dedicated volunteers giving freely their time, treasure and talent.

My own personal experience began in the Worship ministries, comprised of different groups, serving our Lord in various ways: Lectors & Commentators; Musicians; Choirs; Eucharistic Ministers; Altar servers; Altar environment; Mother Butler; and Hospitality. Each ministry has a specific focus, and its members use their different and unique talents to serve our Lord in solidarity. This is most evident during Fiesta, Christmas, and Holy Week when all the different Ministries in Worship unify to glorify God.

As my experience in our parish grew, I was introduced to the other ministries outside my comfort zone. Different Catholic education programs offered by the parish touch the lives of our parishioners in different ways: CCD introduces our children to Catholic doctrine; Family Life Ministry prepares couples as they embark onto their newly married life; and the Healthcare Ministry provides various talks on health and nutrition. The dedication of our members and educators in their different fields is truly inspiring.

The Social Services arm aims to share the love and compassion of our Lord in the community. We have ministries helping the sick, giving opportunities to the less privileged youth, providing livelihood projects to empower indigent communities, and comforting the downtrodden in prison.

There are two groups that sprang from the Temporalities arm of WESTY. Our Administrative Council takes care of the church’s physical structures, maintains the safety of our parishioners and organizes parish staff to serve our communities. The Finance Department ensures that prudent practices are in place to safeguard funding for all ministries.

Last, but certainly not least, the parish Youth Group plays a critical part in our community. Youth ministries are made up of different groups all working in their various capacities to glorify God. They establish Faith Families and serves as a training platform for the future members of our different ministries.

Of course, we can’t forget the Mandated Organizations comprised of people with different charisms giving of themselves to the different ministries in the spirit of service. These are made up of CWL, Mother Butler, Marian Cenacle, Men of Sacred Heart, and the Order of Franciscan Secular. Each, in their different ways, add brightness and texture to our parish and contribute to making our parish whole.

I hope that this brief tour has given you a flavor for the varied, but united, ministries that exist at our parish, all working to serve God in Unity. We have something for everyone! As we prepare for Lent, do come and join a ministry. Remember, God is waiting!