Missionary of the Family: Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Random Thoughts: Voices From Yesterday and Today
by Peachy Maramba

Last January 22 I wrote an article on a truly outstanding and remarkable Saint. This diminutive nun known and loved all over the world as Mother Teresa though small in stature was “big in savvy”. She made it her hallmark to always perform the humblest services to the poorest of the poor. But so inspiring was her insightful message on the family that she also became known as a MISSIONARY of the FAMILY par excellence. Calling herself a tiny pencil in God’s hand she allowed Him to write a bold love letter to the people of the twentieth century. So without changing a word allow me to let Mother Teresa herself to speak to you in her own words.

A Letter of Love
“I am exactly this in the hands of God: a small pencil. It is God, Himself, who writes in His own way a letter of love to the world, by means of my work.”

The Family as a Domestic Church
Love begins at home. “The future of humanity passes through the family.”

Need for Real Family Life
Today in the world we have many homes all around and wherever I go I find this endless restlessness, disturbance, unhappiness . . . due to the lack of real family life, that loving thoughtfulness for each other, that tenderness for each other in our own homes, in our own communities. We have no time. Everybody seems to be in such a hurry.

Love the Children
We are talking of love of the child, which is where love and peace must begin. These are the things that break peace.

Our children depend on us for everything – their health, their nutrition, their security, their coming to know and love of God. For all of this they look to us with trust, hope and expectation. But after father and mother are so busy they have not time for their children, or perhaps they are not even married or have given up on their marriage.

So the children go to the streets and get involved in drugs and other things.
Let us make that one point – that no child will be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, or killed and thrown away. And so give love until it hurts.
Accept your children, love them, be happy to be with your children, give your time to them.

Pray Together
We must be contemplatives in the heart of the world. For we must bring that presence of God into your family for the family that prays together, stays together.

Help us to stay together in joy and sorrow through family prayer. Teach us to see Jesus as a member of our families especially in their distressing disguises.

Pray that we may be able to spread the love and compassion of Christ throughout the world. But let us begin in our own homes first and then with our neighbor. We try to pray our work by doing it with Jesus, by doing it for Jesus and by doing it to Jesus.

In their own simple way people pray; and the fruit of their prayers is the tenderness for each other.

So pray for us that we may not spoil God’s work. And you and I must share together in the work, and unite together at His feet offer our love and our service to serve Him and to love Him.

Love one Another
Jesus insisted that we love one another as He loves each one of us. Jesus gave His life to love us and He tells us that we also have to give whatever it takes to do good to one another. And in the Gospel, Jesus says very clearly: Love as I have loved you.”

Jesus died on the cross because that is what it took for Him to do good to us – to save us from our selfishness in sin.

He gave up everything to do the Father’s will – to show us that we too must be willing to give up everything to do God’s will – to love one another as
He loves each of us.

Tuberculosis and cancer are not the great diseases. A much greater disease is to be unwanted, unloved.

Today there is much suffering in the world and it is all due to being unloved and unwanted unkept… people having no time. And this is what we who belong to Christ, we Christians must penetrate and remove because God wants it of us, because God loves us all. And we must love them as He loves us; there is no greater love than this.”

It is so easy to love people that are far away. It is so easy to smile at people outside. It is so easy to take care of the people that you really don’t know well.

It is so difficult to be thoughtful, kind, loving and to smile at your own in the house day after day especially when we are tired, in a bad temper or bad mood. We all have our turn to see Christ coming to us in a distressing disguise.

We all thirst for the love of others
Do we really love one another? Are we holy in our own homes? Are we holy with each other in our communities?

Be Holy
Jesus said, “Be holy as My Father is holy, love as I have loved you. Holiness is not a luxury for a few chosen ones. Holiness is a simple duty for you and for me. And what is holiness? It is not something extraordinary, not something unusual, not something only for the few with intellectual powers who can reason and discuss, and read wonderful books.

Holiness is a simple duty for everyone of us; the acceptance of God’s will with a smile at all times, anywhere and anytime, to be able to accept whatever
He gives and to be able to give up whatever He takes.

Let us help each other by becoming holy. Only holiness – that deep personal love for Christ – can make us do things for them, with them and to them.

Know God
But we cannot serve and love Him unless we know Him. We must know
Him through prayer (and direct contact with the poor.) And that knowledge will lead us to love Him and love to serve Him.

Who is Jesus for you? It is all I am and have. It is my love, my life, the bread of my life.”

We have been created in His image
We must “put on Christ” as Scripture tells us. And so we have been created to love as He loves us.

What We Can Do
We must free ourselves to be filled by God. Even God cannot fill what is full. If we fill ourselves with self-love, pride, desires only for this world and its pleasures, then we will have no taste for things spiritual, the things of God which are for eternal happiness.

God will never forget us and there is something you and I can always do.
We can keep the joy of loving Jesus in our hearts and share that joy with all that we come in contact with.

What should be done to bring peace and joy into the world? “Smile at each other.” Let the husband smile at the wife, the wife at the husband.

Help us, O loving Father to take whatever You give, and give whatever
You take with a big smile. Let us always meet each other with a smile for the smile is the beginning of love.

“Always smile at the members of your families. Share mutually your time in the family. Smile to one another.”

Do Good to Others
God gives us peace of heart which comes from loving – from doing good to others.

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into what we do.

“We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

Doing something small, very small, may in fact be our love of God in action.

Love begins at home and then it spreads out.

Be the Good News
On the last day Christ is going to judge us on our love for Him … on the understanding love we showed in our own homes, in our own communities.
So begin our love right in your own homes first and be that GOOD NEWS to your own people first.

As published in the February 19 issue of the Parish Bulletin.