CWL: on loving the least, the last, and the lost


by Jnet Zulueta

Usually, when asked to write an article, a topic pops up fast and the task follows easily, but not this time.

Suddenly losing a dear husband and a father to our three girls in November 2016, working on this topic of the Last, the Least and the Lost seemed insurmountable!

Until a surprise happened last Saturday night…

After my younger daughter finished leading prayers and reading the Word of God, I glanced at the final phrase, which said ‘to all, Jesus reminds us to take concern over the last, the least and the lost…’

On the 5th of December, the CWL unit of SSAP celebrated its Golden Jubilee remembering the years between 1966 thru 2016. The quiet and steadfast mission of the members then as now is centered on taking care of the needy in the community as well as the needs inside the Parish Church.

We REMEMBER the happy faces of the old and young who receive their Christmas food bags during the morning of Pamaskong Handog. Last Christmas, there were two frail seventy year old ladies who arrived when gift giving was done. They were apologetic for tardiness but that was because they walked the distance from Guadalupe to McKinley.
In their faces, we saw the face of one counted as LAST.

We CELEBRATE the relieved patients’ smiles whom we minister to all year round during Tuesday clinics. This same apostolate is offered during Fiesta Week’s Medical Mission where an average of a thousand patients flock the Parish Quadrangle for consultation, dental, x-ray, optical and an almost full line of medical assistance.
In a thousand faces, we have seen the faces of our brothers counted as LEAST.

We BELIEVE the Lord and HIS MOTHER will continue to show us the way as we continue our silent work in the Vineyard.
For indeed, we who are spiritual sisters in the league, are LOST in joy as we stretch out our arms reaching out to one another and to our brothers in need.

At home or in the midst of CWL, the Lord provides us with His mercy, generosity and loving omnipresence.
To me, the Last, the Least and the Lost is difficult to comprehend. I believe that we are all FIRST in GOD’s embrace.

As I write this, I clearly hear the Lord say…’ rather than bereaved you are blessed.’ Surely, that Saturday night was an affirmation of the love of Jesus who we have no doubt. He lives on and on. And surely, CWL will live on and on and on because of our love for the Last, the Least and the Lost.


As published in the February 12 issue of the Parish Bulletin.