Responsible Stewardship

by Georgianna Carlos

When I first started working, I never really thought about how my job can help others. When it comes to choosing a job, I would always focus on aspects that would benefit me. How will this help me achieve my career goals? What skills will I develop through this job? How much will I earn?

It was only later on, after a number of years working, that I realized that I start looking for the value that my work provides for others. Though the challenges at work, the friendships made, and the money earned does make a job exciting, seeing how work can be relevant to others adds significance to what I do everyday.

In my own work, I see how my time spent running a virtual office has evolved in not just trying to get more clients, but actually help clients with their businesses outside of office hours. More than just focusing on numbers, I focus on helping people from different walks of life- students, OFWs, and others, take the leap and start their own businesses. It is through this that I also see how in our own way, all of us regular citizens are trying what we can do to help the country by creating jobs for Filipinos.

As I get older, I think I find myself being more proactive on finding ways on how I, as an entrepreneur, can give myself and add more value to other peoples’ lives. It is because of this that I have found myself giving up my own personal time to mentor entrepreneur students. As part of the San Antonio Community, I try to use my skills that I learned at work to help in the different ministries such as marketing our Pan de San Antonio bread sale and collecting donations for the Prison Ministry.

At the end of the day, I realized that though it will always be important to consider work that can help develop new skills and be financially stable, finding a way to reach out to others through your job is what will ultimately push us to get up and continue hustling everyday.

As published in the February 5 issue of the Parish Bulletin.