Ways to Simplify in 2017

by Shelli Tomacruz

Living with poverty can mean many things. In the Philippines, it already takes a significant meaning knowing many are suffering. Another perspective can mean poverty of spirit, to pray everyday like it depends on God and work like everything depends on me. Personally, living in poverty means a sharing of gifts. As a wife and mother, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking these people and these material gifts, are mine. It is a gift to let go and let God take control of our lives.

For this year I will try the following things:

1. Plan like it’s all up to me but react like it’s all up to God.
I’m a micromanager at home. I can probably say I know everything that has gone into my 4 yr. olds tummy! It’s good to care but it’s also good to give a child wings. This year, my kids can do activities that aren’t on my to do list.

2. Share my talents
I have a talent for teaching and San Antonio allows me to share that talent in the Magnifikids program. Every Sunday, the children at the 10:30am Mass get to experience a child’s liturgy with songs and art and readings from the gospel. It’s a commitment I’ve had for 2 yrs. now and intend to continue.

3. Be open
A new year is a great time to scope new opportunities. Wherever you go you are faced with yourself so be open minded, open hearted and ready for anything wherever you are or whom you are with.

4. Share material things
It may seem that sometimes there is not much to give but someone’s little is someone else’s plenty. I try to make giving a policy and this year I will try to share more.

All things work for good for those who love the Lord. How good the world would be if we were more open, caring, sharing and less worried. As long as we keep our eyes on Him, nothing can disappoint.

As published in the January 29 issue of the Parish Bulletin.