God’s Timing is Perfect By Rachel and Marty Santos, MYA

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Yes, His timing is perfect. God has the perfect use of rhythm, tempo and dramatic pause to get His message across or to answer a prayer in His Good Time. You see, I have been praying for the gift of God’s chosen partner for me for a while. Through the seasons of my life, I had prayed, schemed, cajoled and campaigned to God for my own personal leading man. God kept telling me to have faith and be still, but being still was not easy.

When I least expected it and nearly a year after I said yes to serving in our Single Young Adults (SYA) community here in San Antonio, God granted me the opportunity to meet my husband, Marty, within SYA. Our five years together were not perfect. We were faced with challenges, both financial and personal, but we would not have it any other way. God tested us in little and big ways for reasons all His own. We held fast to our Faith and to each other.

Last year, we made the decision to ask God and our parents to bless our relationship. This was not a something that we took lightly. To orchestrate a wedding with our limitations was one thing, but to build a life together was honestly daunting. Here was God again, whispering through a good friend: DO IT. Put in the work and I, your God, will take care of the rest.

God sent us angels and wise counsel whenever we needed help, felt down or disheartened. He even made it possible for us to have our Pre-Cana Seminar here in San Antonio instead of at another parish. Father Reu and the Family Life Ministry launched SSAP’s own Pre-Cana Program in November 2015. It seemed only fitting for us that the parish that nurtured our souls and our love be the one to prepare us for our next great adventure. It is held every first Saturday of the month and we were in one of the batches early this year.

We survived the preparations and rejoiced on our wedding day last August 6. It was a day of family, love, warmth and laughter, which was what we had hoped for. Married life has been very rewarding and challenging with trials and tribulations, but it has also been joyful at the same time. As expected, the transition and adjustments have not been easy, but we are stronger together and it has been gratifying to share our lives with each other.

Even before the wedding, we had long discussions about religion and about finding a place where could we share our thoughts, faith questions, and life as a married couple. We had come to a cross-road of sorts. We needed to find a faith community that would fit our situation today.

So what’s next? God isn’t quite done with us yet. His rhythm, tempo and dramatic pause were evident again. Santuario de San Antonio has been taking steps to create a parish-based group for married couples, called Married Young Adults (MYA). Soon after our wedding, familiar faces invited and welcomed us to MYA where we have attended Masses and prayer meetings.

Marty and I grow together as the community grows, and we learn to love as the community loves. Even if it is still in its infancy, MYA is where God calls us to be in this time and season of our lives. As in the start, when we surrendered our lives to God, today and forever more; we let Him write our love story and lead us where He wants us to be.