Advent: A Season of Reconciliation, Renewal, and Conversion


by Marie Tycangco

As a child, the anticipation of Christmas gave me a tingling feeling and a ‘high’ brought about by sparkling Christmas lights, joyful Christmas tunes, and beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. It was a season of pure joy, when everything seemed perfect. I would brave the crowds to shop for gifts, excitedly wrap them up and hand them to my family and friends with a loud ‘Merry Christmas’, a sincere big hug and a kiss.

As we grow older, things get more complicated. Some relationships are strained; Bad habits are developed; God’s message is forgotten. Of course, these won’t stop us from celebrating Christmas, but to some extent, it lessens the Christmas joy.

It is, however, because of these complexities that Christmas becomes more meaningful. As we mature, the Christmas Season is no longer centered on gift giving or the frills of Christmas decorating and playing Christmas music to bring about the Christmas spirit, but rather it is in giving our self and preparing our hearts that will ultimately bring love, joy and peace this Christmas. It is a season of “Sorry”, “Thank You” and “I Love You” It is as we utter these words from our hearts to the people that we love, but we have hurt, when can truly say “Merry Christmas!”

Let us then prepare our hearts this season of Advent by making it a time for reconciliation, renewal and conversion. Let us make Christmas 2016 a truly meaningful and memorable one. Let us make it a time to shed happy tears, a time to squeeze our loved ones with a genuine hug, and offer a kiss that will make a mark forever.

Merry Christmas! ☺


As published in the December 18 issue of the Parish Bulletin.