The Gift of Friendship

From the Desk of the PPC President
Edmund Lim
Edmund Lim, KHS

On the week when we celebrate joy in the middle of advent, Guadete Sunday, I enjoin everyone to remember the gift of friendship in our lives. The past year had proved to be fruitful for our parish. I saw how our parish , as a community made up of many smaller and diverse groups in our Parish Pastoral Council, begin to break down barriers and come together united in achieving our common goal. I saw how we as a parish, rallied once more and in the process fostering new and strengthening old friendships, during fiesta and Francisfest to support our beneficiaries.

Through this journey of walking in the path that our Lord has set for us, I am grateful for the friendships developed while we worked towards the common vision of our parish. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new and active parishioners. While the work can cause one to lose a few strands of hair, the comfort and support from all of you has made our effortsmore than worthwhile.

On a personal level, I do believe that my friends in San Antonio have changed me for the better…. I thank God for sending them into my life and take this path with me, teaching, guiding, supporting and always encouraging. (Not to mention, eating, drinking and having a merry time too.)

I continue to pray that our parish deepens our unity in love and peace throughout our faith journey. May we remain faithful in God and committed in serving our community. May we nurture the friendship that had emerged from our continued service to our Lord. It is my true hope that as we prepare for Christmas, we all find joy in each and everyone of us as we serve in our communities for God’s greater glory. Wishing you all an advance Happy Christmas.

As published in the December 11 issue of the Parish Bulletin.