Transformation/Awakening of Families in Preparation for Christmas

Paul & Caron Macasaet at the Christ the King Procession

When I was asked to help in the Christ the King Procession, I was thinking of an excuse not to attend since there was the Luke 18 weekend to attend. My thoughts were: Do I need to be there? I do so much already. I lead mass in the church twice a week, we serve in Youth of San Antonio, we serve in Prison Ministry & PGH. Do I really need to be in the procession?

I don’t know why, but I said yes to Girlie Sison, the head of the Workship Committee. Maybe it’s because everyone told us that the Christ the King Procession always has the lowest turnout. I told my family that we would all go on that day.

When Sunday arrived, we were all at the CSA chapel by 3:15 pm. We recited the rosary with everybody in the Chapel and recited the prayers when the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. Then we proceeded to line up for the procession.
I asked my husband, Paul to take pictures of the procession. I recited another rosary with my daughter, Natalia. When we were halfway through the procession, she started to complain that it was too hot. I explained to that she should offer our procession walk to Jesus for all our intentions. It was a sacrifice after all.

I once asked a priest how I can talk to God. How can I talk to him if I can’t see Him or ask Him questions? The priest said I must have faith. I walked out of the confessional confused. At the Procession that day, though, I felt that God was saying something to me. He was giving me this experience with my family of sacrifice and service.

The next day I sent this message to the Worship Committee “Thank you for reminding us to be present. Sometimes some of us, like me, need to be pushed hard to be present for Jesus. It was a beautiful walk which my whole family joined. Even Mateo, my 5-year-old, walked from CSA to San Antonio. Paul joked he can walk home from school now. Thank you again!”
God was speaking to me through all the people kept reminding to attend the procession. Through the reminders of all the ministry heads, I got to experience this special message from God to me.

As published in the December 4 issue of the Parish Bulletin.