Honoring Christ the King: Taste of Silence By Gilda Reyes and Len Hizon

Christ the King summons images of leadership- the King with power and dominion over all, the leader who guides and teaches, the merciful King we respect and revere. And yet, the practice of Centering Prayer also gives us the space to honor another side of the King- the compassionate one, the generous and humble son of a carpenter who stood steadfast when others could not or would not believe. The Christ who washed the feet of His disciples and loved us so much, he died to save us from our sins. The King and the man who is the embodiment of Love.

In the silence of Centering Prayer, we find sanctuary in His embrace and come to recognize that this Christ, both leader and servant, lives in us all. In this prayer of quiet, we find the space to not only hear but to listen, to not only see but to remember. We become attuned to His voice as we pray to discern His will for us.

It is also in this space of stillness that we can be authentic and vulnerable without fear because we know He will catch us when we stumble, protect us from ourselves, nurture and value us just as we nurture and value Him in us.

As King and servant, He is our guide and teacher. But He is also our friend, brother, and companion in this journey we call our life. As such, we seek to emulate His values and life as the benchmark of how to live a life worth living, a life of meaning and purpose. Our path merges with His path, our footsteps become His and His become ours because He accompanies us wherever we go, every moment of every day.

Len Hizon and Gilda Reyes are members of Contemplative Outreach Philippines and the Santuario de San Antonio support group.

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